2013 BMW HP4

The beast has arrived, it wasn’t enough that the S1000RR was such an insane bike, they took it up a level with the HP4 and surprisingly the price isn’t too bad for a superbike that is meant to annihilate the competition. The one thing that they have done with this machine is give you a lot of option to choose from and then the other goodies such as the carbon fiber. I just love paint scheme on this BMW, I would love to get my hands on it.

BMW HP4 – Base Model ($19,990 MSRP):

  • Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) semi-active suspension
  • Launch control
  • Akrapovic full titanium exhaust
  • Seven-spoke forged aluminum wheels in gloss black
  • Radial Brembo monobloc brake calipers
  • Race ABS with new IDM calibration
  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) with new 14-step adjustability
  • Gear shift assistant

BMW HP4 – Standard Package ($20,525 MSRP):

  • All base model items
  • Pillion Rider Package that includes a rear seat and rear footrests to accommodate a rear pillion rider (priced at $285)
  • Heated Grips

The Premium Package ($24,995 MSRP):

  • All base model items
  • Competition Package (individually priced at $4,470):
  • HP carbon engine spoiler
  • HP carbon trim
  • HP folding clutch and brake levers
  • HP rider footrests – adjustable
  • Forged aluminum wheels in Racing Blue Metallic
  • Sponsor decal kit (not mounted)
  • Pillion Rider Package (described above)
  • Heated Grips

Optional extras: Heated grips ($250) & an anti-theft alarm ($395).

Riding The BMW 1000RR

I have been riding for 11 years now, and I can’t believe that its been this long. The first time I really feared a machine was the Yamaha YZF-R1, it was a machine to be feared, the raw power and insane control were not forgiving any mistake on it would have a bad result but I took it slowly on that machine. Now I have to see that the BMW S1000RR gives me that same feeling, I have ridden a lot of machines over the last decade and crashed in a few but for some reason I get this feeling that under that cover is a machine that is you have to respect or else it won’t forgive you.

Some people call it an assassin, the Germans set out to be build machine to destroy anyone and everyone on the street and the track, and they did. Its a precision built machine with no-nonsense attitude yet it is surprisingly easy to handle with all that power and pure agility its an amazing feat that they packed so much all into these two wheels.

After riding the S1000RR for the last few days I can’t blame people for loving this machine, and I especially love that ugly front face, it looks like its eyeing you waiting to be ridden. The side air vents remind of shark gils, open to breath in and take off, it really does remind me of the Tiger Shark the way its aggressive and has that menacing look. My favorite color is always going to be the special white, blue and red BMW colors, its a classic.

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Ducati By The Autodrome

This is the first time I pass by the new Ducati store by the Autodrome, and its right next to the Autodrome and one hell of a dealership. I walked in thinking that I was at the candy store, I kept looking at each machine. The new Monster 796 looks really good, and I loved the 1198R they had up on the second level. The design of the store is fantastic with so many bikes to look at, I just couldn’t get enough. If I wasn’t wearing a dishdasha I would have had my leg over each and every bike.

There was even an 848 Evo in the back, and that looked like a beautiful machine that I couldn’t get enough of. Those beauties kept teasing me every time I look at one of them, now to wait for the Ducati Diavel coming out in a few months, based on what the sales guy said it will be on the show room floor sometime between February to March.

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Night Ride – Perfect Weather

The weather just keeps getting better and better these days, I have been looking forward to riding for so long now. I got home a little late from work but I was too worked up to ride that I didn’t even think about eating lunch. As soon as I got home, I changed into gear, my iPod read, camera in hand, and bike filled up. I didn’t have any specific route, I just wanted to ride, and as soon as I had my leg over the bike I was ready to go.

The thing I was happy as hell about is that my gear fits me, I closed my Alpinestar jacket easily, I’m not at my goal yet but I’m happy about the results. I also had some gear that I wanted to test out while riding, its a new recording device from a friend, wanted to see the quality of night time video and see if it holds on in excessive speeds. I took the 6th ring road and took the GulfRoad all the way around, I loved it from light to light, I didn’t mind the traffic at all. I was honestly in another state of mind, just extremely happy riding, I had a work appointment later but I wasn’t thinking about that. My mind was on the road, the corners, the cars, and I was pulsing to the rhythm of the music playing loudly in my ears. I can never get enough of riding, it was cool enough at 35C to ride comfortably, it is even cooler at night, but it was bliss riding the Ducati and feeling every Rev. Even when I got stuck on major traffic on the 5th ring road around 6:30 pm I was calmly passing traffic at a comfortable pace getting to my destination.

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Ducati 848EVO – The Evil Twin

Ducati has went ahead with a more sinister looking 848, the EVO version is that and it’s as mean as it looks. They have overhauled the engine with lots of upgrades to make it more aggressive and more race oriented while upgrading it from 134 bhp to 140 bhp which does have an affect for a bike that’s so light. Even with all the upgrades this machine remains at 370lbs which is pretty light, making it the most powerful machine in its class. The best part about the whole upgrade is that the Dark version is cheaper then the base version 848, so it’s been upgraded, looks meaner, and its about $1000, I like what Ducati is doing.

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

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BMW 1000RR Magic Tricks

I know BMW have been using and abusing this machine to prove how insane they made it with everything they have been doing to it, and I’m loving everything they are doing. It’s hilarious the extent these guys have gone to so they could come up with these elaborate stunts with the S1000 RR. Its a ridiculous machine with tremendous amount of power but I do love this stunt.

Thanks Tartoob

1000RR on Ice

BMW Motorcycles have been trying for the longest time to reinvent their image from being an oldies bike to an off the wall machine for any place or time, and I think with their current line up I think they have it covered, its no secret that I am fan of the K1200R but they have other interesting machines and one of them is the 1000RR. But what the BMW Engineers have done is insane, making custom made tires with studs and testing out the machine. I’ve never seen an ice burn out but there is a first for everything, then he is flying down the ice lake. I was curious to see him take turns with the machine, and those stubs look like the Beemer is ready to go to battle.

Technic Lego Street Bike

I have had the Technic Lego Motorcycle sitting on the floor in my room for over two months now, I just didn’t get around to it. Until Friday I decided that I have too many boxes in my room and I need to rid of a few, so to get rid of the Technic box I needed to put it together.

I thought its going to be pretty simple, I was expecting a lot of pieces but only two bags were inside with two sets of tires and the manual. When I opened the bags each one had two small bags inside of them not including the bigger parts in the big bags.

When I opened the bag and started going through the pieces I realized that it was going to be a little bit more complex then I expected. I was siting on the floor, manual to my side, camera behind me and music blaring. I felt like a kid sitting on the floor really enjoying putting it together and looking forward to finishing it. At first I was lost but I remembered that I always had a system to putting them together, I opened up all the bags put all the pieces in each bag on the floor together, and bunched up certain parts together. After the first hour I was on a roll and started putting parts together faster, systematic, piece by piece and completing each part then putting it together. But I had to get up and move every 30 minutes, different parts of my body were going numb after some time.

After 3 hours and 10 minutes I finish the Lego Street Bike which resembles the Ducati 999. I think that’s the main reason I got it a while back, because it resembles the 999. It looked really good and I was happy with what I had, but again I didn’t have any good place to place it.

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BMW has created a work of art with this Superbike, the numbers aren’t all out and I still don’t know what it will do against the mainstream machines. One thing I know for sure, it looks and sounds mean, you can check out some videos on S1000RR.com and you can see the rider going aggressively and overtaking some riders on the track and it sounds like music to my ears. There is something very hot about a woman in motorcycle gear.

Link: S1000RR
Link: 2Wheel

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