I Got a Breast Implant

This is what happens when your friend is a surgeon and you end up with a fake boob in your hands. This is probably one of the funniest things I have yet to see, and we were shocked how much this C-Cup costs. It seems over the past few years breast implants have been the new thing for women in Kuwait, and this one boob costs 3000 KD because it is top of the line.

It has some cell memory type gel which makes it special, and then there is the material. It is very interesting to hear all the details from the perspective of the doctor, and how different surgeons place this implant differently and how to get a better job. I’m still laughing about this boob, and it does feel soft but still very fake.
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Doc S

A friend of ours is a surgeon in one of the public hospitals. We all work in different fields, but he has the most insane and entertaining stories. I have to say that I have huge respect for doctors, but not all of them are good. He is one of the good ones, but does deal with a lot of nut cases. I will be posting some of his less graphic stories, some of them are just very shocking. We were talking about the trend of plastic surgery these days, and it seems a lot of women are willing to go under the knife. Then were talking about plastic surgery and this is how the conversation went:

Me: “So how are plastic surgeons in Kuwait?”

Doc S: “There are some really good ones, but in specific places”

Me: “So what can you do as a surgeon usually?”

Doc S: “I will turn you into a SPARTAN!”

The Guys: “Where do we sign up??!?! hahahaha”