Up Coming Movie Trailers

ROBOCOP – The reboot is looking AMAZING, I have been a huge fan of Robocop watching it countless times when I was kid, he was the ultimate supercop. Now this reboot is coming and this trailer looks good, Alex Murphy is back as Robocop, and I’m liking the people in this movie and the twist on the story. The best thing is they didn’t change the OCP logo, got to love when they honor elements from the original 1987 movie.

I’ FRANKENSTEIN – From the creators of Underworld and the main character played by Eric Eckhart, I know I’m going to enjoy this movie and the trailer looks pretty damn good. Been a while since we have seen a good fantasy like this, I enjoyed the Underworld movies but the later ones were ridiculous, and I did love Van Helsing, this one looks to be better then them.

JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT – A reboot to the Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan, third time’s the charm played by Chris Pine, and this character was previously played by Alec Baldwin & Harrison Ford. Lets see how this plays out but I’m liking the espionage story, looks complex with lots of action, just what I like.

MACHETTE KILLS – Come on, this movie needs no introduction, if you loved the first one you will love this one. You can not mess with perfection

Movie DL List


There have been a lot of good movies over the past few months and some I have been really looking forward to watching like Legend of the Guardians and The American. This is just the short list, I have a few other movies but most of those are Oriental Movies and Martial Arts, I love watching subtitled martial arts movies and there are a few good ones these days. But for the normal movies this is my current list

  • Devil 720p
  • Legend Of The Guardians 720pMachete 720p
  • Restrepo 720p
  • Takers 720p
  • The American 720p
  • The Social Network 720p
  • The Switch 720p


Movies Looking Forward to For 2008

There are a lot of good movies coming out this summer, especially from the comic genre. Most of these movies can’t be watched in Kuwait’s cinema because they are going to be chopped up one way or another. I love watching movies in the theaters, its just different then at home so hopefully we will be able to catch most of them in theaters. Any movies to do with comics are always at the top of my list, they have been doing justice to a lot of comic movies over the years so I have high expectations for Iron Man, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, HellBoy 2, and Iron Man.

Review: Awake

Hayden Christensen pulls of this role perfectly, an heir to a multi-billion dollar family fortune with his mother in New York, but the one fault he has is a weak heart. He leads a tough life of a powerful business man still living with his mother who is equally powerful and sly. Hayden is faced with an issue and realizes that he has to have a heart transplant and they have found the perfect donor after a year and a half on the list. While this is going on Hayden has been romantically involved with Jessica Alba for sometime but he only has to admit this to his mother which is a harder task then could be expected. Before going for his surgery, he admits it to his mother that he is in love with her as well as wanting to get engaged to her. The surgery is about to go underway, when he is put under he is still aware of whats going on but unable to move. The pace picks up and each actor plays their role perfectly, it was a good movie to start but just kept on getting better and better. Pieces come together towards the end and you are shocked to what was originally thought out. A very good movie which throws an unexpected twist towards the end, and there is a part which makes is a bit difficult to watch the screen but you still do.

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