MotoArt Jumbo Jet Table


Bring the iconic Boeing 747 into your conference room with MotoArt’s newest piece made from a General Electric engine nacelle. At 12’ wide this high-mirror polished table seats up to 12, and includes a set of 6 pop-up connection ports. The custom fabricated engine stator is set off with internal LED lighting in a color or your choice, and topped with a B-52 engine spinner.


This is probably the coolest conference table from MotoArt that I have ever seen, made from a Boeing 747 Engine. They make amazing pieces of furniture from old plane parts, but this is one of the best I have seen them make. The process they go through is exhausting to get the perfect piece, and thats one of the reasons why it is so expensive. I have yet to walk into an office with MotoArt furniture, it would take a very rich company to buy that sort of furniture. Still I really love this meeting table.

Price: $35’000 – $45’000
Link: MotoArt



If you love hardware and furniture then this is the perfect accessories and furniture for the male domain. I’m assuming that only some females would like it, and very few would allow it into their homes. Classified Moto Furniture lets you subtly show your love of motorcycling with a selection of stylish lamps, lighting fixtures, and tables that are built from salvaged/recycled parts taken from Japanese motorcycles from the ’70s and ’80s. Their prices range from $200 to $1500 which isn’t too bad, they are a bunch of creative guys who do love what they are doing. This makes me want to park one of my motorcycles in the living room just to look at it, again not my choice.

Blue Lounge – Milo

Milo is the ideal place to rest your smartphone. A partner on the desk, nightstand or worktop that is dedicated to hold your device while in use or at rest. Milo is a minimal and fun desktop accessory. Perfect for hands-free conferencing, viewing videos or as a simple docking station. Using this on vehicles may be the only drawback. If that is what concerns you. Then you should consider a magnetic phone mount that works exceptionally well once you’ve attached it properly.


  • Mounts To Any Phone Surface
  • Mounts an Phone Size, even the Samsung Note
  • Very nice Aesthetically
  • Looks like its made out of metal when its really plastic and very light
  • Suction on the bottom to hold it in place, and up top to hold the phone in place. Seriously this hi-tec Japanese micro-suction is pure genius.
  • You can use the touch screen and move things around the screen without fear of it falling off the mount

Honestly there are no cons to this product, I don’t think I have ever found a phone holder so perfect. It puts your phone at the perfect angle and it holds it perfectly in place, too perfectly it takes a bit of a tug to get it out of the suction back of the Milo. And for $15 its really worth, I would pay $30 for it because its such a quality made product and very well designed and extremely practical. And I love the look that my phones look like they are just hanging there and I can

Price: $15
Link: BlueLounge

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MotoArt – C-119 Table

I have always been a fan of MotoArt, they create furniture from discarded plane parts. They go to plane graveyards and pick pieces from it to create exquisite furniture, I remember making an inquiry into a desk once only to find out that it costs upwards of $15’000, slightly outside my budget, but I can’t blame them on their amazing craftsmanship. The new addition to the line up is the C-119 Aileron Coffee Table and it looks beautiful, I love the black metal frame surrounding the wing structure below it, two levels and the second level you can see into the wing. I just love those large rivets all over the wing, you get a feeling of the 1950s planes with a touch of modern design.

Link: MotoArt

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Spotlight Desk

A simple very appealing piece of furniture, no complications with this desk. A desk like this would be in an area where I wouldn’t use my computer, some to write rather then have your computer sit on it. A desk like this makes me want to draw or write, or sit there with my laptop until the battery died. It would also need a cool chair to complement it. A large 58″ x 28″ to lay all your paperwork and items, I would have another desk as the computer desk and this is the brainstorming desk. 

Price: $500
Link: UnCrate