Pending Tasks

You know when you have so many tasks that they pile up and you really don’t get anywhere with anything. I come back from work exhausted and all I can think about is planting myself in front of the tv and doing nothing but watching Anime or Battlestar Galactica. I did go swimming on Monday which felt fantastic and I fell asleep right away that night, but I keep thinking if only I had music outdoors it would be a little more fun swimming late at night.

  • Cleaning up my room (This has been on the back burner for a while now)
  • Work on 2nd Gundam Model
  • Rewire the cabinet area again, needs major clean up
  • Go to Huperoptic for some tinting job for a car (Best Tint in Kuwait, going to do a follow up on that)
  • Reorganizing about 229 GBs worth of Anime and Movies into their folders in the Hazmat Windows Homer Server
  • Organize the pile of books I have
  • Work on the Rackmounted Server and put it together, it has been sitting on the floor for over two months now

I think I should just pick one thing and work on it, all of this and I still have GulfRun in mind and planning for it.

Too Lazy

You know you have been too lazy when you have put some tasks aside for over a week now. Most of them are things that have to do with organization and cleaning up. I know that doing it all would take about two to three hours, but its a lot of items and requires a lot of thinking. I just seem to come back to my room after a long day, sit on my chair, watch some Anime or TV shows and time goes by and I end up not complete these tedious tasks.

  • Putting away new books and comic books
  • Organizing all the new wires, and small electronic items I have laying on the floor
  • Organizing over 3000 pictures which I have taken over the past three months (That would take a decent amount of time, just too lazy to start)
  • Installing new KVM Switch (Dual DVI Input(x4), Dual DVI Output (x1)))(Requires a lot of rewiring, and I don’t feel like sitting under my desk and untangling the wires)
  • Installing the new iCore 7 PC (Tied with the KVM)
  • Going through some clothes, and organizing the few items I bought
  • Organizing the wiring behind the other side of the room, too many networking cables
  • Organizing files between computers since I’m taking a few offline and scrapping them for spare parts

When you take them individually I think they are doable tasks, but just knowing where to start is annoying me. I want to complete it all, or I want it all completed, but I hate anyone touching my wires or my stuff.

More To Do

Tasks that have piled up:

Network Merger – There was a slight setback since the load balancer caused more problems then solved it. I upgraded the firmware and still I was running into DNS problems, it would see some websites and can’t see others. Even with dual WAN connections I was still having problems and I don’t see any solution in sight for this issue. I have contacted netgear support to see what they have to say.

Moving Data – I’m moving almost 4 to 6 Terabyte between storage, PCs, and the Server so it does take some time to make sure it all moves without issues. I try to figure out what is the best path to take or what to start with, it is all one huge jumble which is going to take time to untangle.

Riding – I wanted to ride at dusk since it wasn’t too but I was too exhausted after work to do anything about it.