Dubai Taxis – I Want To Run Them Off The Road


Over the last two years I have been driving more and more in Dubai, following the speed limit is hard but at least traffic is moving. And because there are an insane amount of cameras I honestly don’t know the speed threshold of the cameras, like in Kuwait you can go to about 20 km over the speed limit and the camera won’t go off, I don’t know how it is in Dubai. I have had one speeding ticket in two years which isn’t too bad, it was for going 100 in a 60, when I thought the speed limit was 80, it was a 600 AED fine which isn’t too bad after all that time.

The taxis in Dubai are something else, they cut you off, lean on you and get aggressive on the roads especially at hotel and mall entrances. Especially just on my last trip these guys were acting like idiots trying to get into an entrance which is barely moving because there was so much traffic. At one point I just started pushing the car through without a second thought, in Kuwait they wouldn’t even come close to pulling something like that but in Dubai they act like crazy drivers and it keeps getting worse. Dubai is supposed to have the most organized taxi service, and I use them a lot but when they drive on the road they are maniacs.

Inside London

Landing in Heathrow early in the afternoon for a nice cool breeze and a Sunday is a nice start to London. I walked over to the Taxi Cab line and as usual there were a lot of cabs, but to my surprise there are new black cabs look like those Volkswagen and Mercedes Vans. they are more spacious and the interior of the cab is design in the same idea with five people in mind with two people facing the three but to me its just not the same as London’s Black Cab. I am one person who enjoys riding in a black cab because it spacious and its fun, also the cab drivers do have a story to tell.

I just took a black cab to the same location that I always do, and prices have really changed. Black cab prices have hiked up, there is a bit of inflation to it but still its one big jump.

  • In 99 – (45 – 52 GBP)
  • In 05 – (60 GBP)
  • In 09 – (78 GBP)

London – Qatar & UAE Central

I was in London for about 36 hours getting a few things done and coming back it was a bit hectic. I started off the day as soon as I landed trying to finish off the tasks at hand, and after finishing up the work I walked around London for a bit, I always enjoy walking around London on my free time and I had some.

I visited a few family members while I was there and while stopping at a few hotels during that visit I saw so many nice cars parked out front. And those cars had license plates from UAE and Qatar. I haven’t seen this many people from the Qatar and UAE in one area before, the Grovesnor House in London was like the middle of Abu Dhabi, and other areas were Qatar parking lots. Different years and different people go to different areas as their travel destinations. And this year France and London has become UAE and Qatar destinations.

Still it was very nice to walk around the city, it was warm weather one day and cool the next.  The second day was chilly and I only had t-shirts so that day I walked into the theater when it was really chilly. The one thing I always enjoy are those black cabs.

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