This throat thing has developed to be really annoying, I sleep at odd times due to the strength of the antibiotics. Went to the dentist for the third time this week to have this tooth work done, and there is a horrible after taste. For a whole 48 hours I couldn’t taste anything but that horrible taste, as if there is Clorox in my mouth, and that makes you nauseous.

In the first stages of this infection it was pretty bad but after Mubarak Hospital and the new antibiotics it was improving at about 15 – 20% rate, but now that has dropped down to 3-5% rate. At least the lump under my chin has shrunk, but sometimes in the morning it gets worse but thats the course that I’m faced with. The most annoying thing I think is this type of pain, its like a constant pain throughout the day, like a  constant beep just behind the eye which causes a headache and it originates from the jaw, its a strange description. Its like there is a bunch of marbles stuck on the left side of my jaw under my tongue. These meds are doing the job but the side affects can be felt, and nausea and keeping food down is an issue, but I’m hoping this will end soon since it has been sometime now.

Throat Itch

Its one of those annoying things that creep up on you. I was fine a few days ago and I felt a slight itch in my throat, really didn’t think much about it. After one night’s sleep I woke up the next morning feeling that my throat was a clogged pipe, took effort to cough it out. Thats when you go for the strepsils, and I kept eating those like candy it did help for a bit but not as much as I’d liked. It has gotten worse over the past 48 hours but drinking warm drinks like herbal tea really does help calm it down and as long as I don’t talk too much I’m fine, but it doesn’t look like its going away any time soon. Its from the humidity from the past couple of days and going in out of air conditioned areas which probably caused this, I’m just crossing my fingers that it will go away.