Your Time Is Not Your Own

Recently I have been obsessed with Diablo 3, I feel like the kid back in 1997 who just would get of his machine, nonstop leveling and building characters. I want to enjoy this game that I planned ahead and took this past Thursday off over a month ago. The plan was simple, from Wednesday onwards don’t do anything but play this game, not eat or sleep, pretty much nothing, just nonstop clicking.

I even planned to leave work early so I can even enjoy a half day plus the weekend of gaming. But sometimes all my planning goes out the window. I always think about just taking a week off work and spend it finishing all my errands that I have to do but I wonder how much I would get done.

I ended getting called to the bank for work and heading into work twice on Thursday which very much interrupted my gaming time. Saturday I had to go into work from about 7 in the morning until 12 and then I was family and other mandatory social events so my whole Saturday was gone. So even the thought of taking a vacation while in Kuwait you end up doing things that never popped into your mind and people think your free so they end up calling and you end up with more things to do. I only managed to zone out for a solid 5 hours of nonstop gaming on one day and thoroughly ignored my phone, I loved it.

Next time I’m just gonna tell people that I am out of town and record a strange ring tone to my voicemail, makes people think that I am out of town.

Bouncing Around

The last few weeks have been insane! I just can’t believe how meetings I have been to and how long some of them take, and I had to fly to Dubai out of the blue for an urgent meeting, I took the night flight instead of the 7 am flight, it would cut too close to my meeting and any delays would have been a huge problem. I really didn’t feel like taking off since I had too much on my plate already, I wished I could have cloned myself to manage everything that I had to do. Sleeping isn’t an option these days and writing reports, visiting family and getting some personal work done, all before a Eid trip. I honestly felt like I have been running for the past few weeks with very little breathing room but I love when I get work done, and I know I keep saying this but there isn’t enough time in the day. And this weather is just amazing, I hope it continues to be this good until at least April but thats probably hoping for too much.

At one point in Dubai Airport I fell asleep at the Gate and the Wataniya Airways staff woke me up to board the plane back to Kuwait. I was one of the first people there but the last to board. I was so exhausted by the end of the day that I passed out. It was a choice between being hungry and being sleepy, I couldn’t even wait for food, I passed out before take off and I leaned my chair back not caring that we haven’t even moved from the gate yet. I’m hoping to catch up with some rest in the next few days!

One recommendation, if you have lots of work in Dubai and want to check out late I recommend that you stay at The Address Club Rooms or Suites. They have an excellent policy of your check out time being the same as your check in time. So I came in at night around 11 pm then my check out is 11 pm the next day. So I had meetings from 9 am until about 3:30 pm, I went back to my room and napped for about 30 minutes before taking my time to check out which is fantastic. The normal room is 114 KD but the Club Room was 154 KD, but I would have paid for half a day which would cost an extra 70 KD because they charge half the normal rack rate, so overall its much better to get the Club Room if you need to check out late. I for one don’t like packing up and leaving early from the hotel and going to meetings and dragging my carry on with me, even if I’m going to walk around the mall.



You never know where the time goes, there should be a more hours in the day to do things. I think I got a combined 8 hours of sleep in the last four days and haven’t sat still for the past three days. I have been up at 6 am every day and passing out by 1 or 2 am in the morning. This has been a fun and productive weekend and I got a lot of work done and got to see family which was great, I wanted to spend some time doing nothing but that didn’t seem to be on the menu. Friday morning I had a ridiculous amount of fun riding the Ducati hard in the early hours of the morning and their were more then 250+ motorcycles on the road and a majority of them were at Arjan complex in Bida’a in the morning. After that I had a ton of work to do, and I still managed to meet up with family, had to deal with some unexpected events but it was a good weekend. Still I do wish I had some time to chill in front of the computer and do almost nothing but read up, every time I finish some articles on GoogleReader they pile back up again since I miss a few days of online surfing. I think one of the factors keeping me away from indoor activities is the AMAZING weather we have been having, I think it is the best weather I have seen in a long time, it wasn’t like this last year, and I want to take advantage of it, I keep driving with my windows open, I even sat outside with my laptop and a nice cold glass of lemonade. I’m loving this weather, just wish there was more time in the day to enjoy it!

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Lack of Time Management


When I took a vacation I thought I would get things back in order, get some gaming in and watching some anime. I barely keep up with the shows as well as movies, I’m traveling a lot for work staying late. At the end of the day I’m even too tired to go riding. There are days I just want to stay playing video games all day, when I was int he states I played a lot of Halo Reach and since I came back I haven’t had a chance even though I really want to play the game, it requires dedication and time to play Halo and I don’t want to just play 20 minutes and stop, I usually end up playing for hours. Then there is all the anime that I am missing and I’m going to try catching up with all that I have missed but I don’t know when that is going to happen.

What I Would Do With A Lot Of Free Time:

  • Ride As Much As Humanely Possible!
  • Watch all the anime and tv shows that I’m missing
  • Play all the unplayed XBox 360 & PS3 Games!
  • Go the gym
  • Clean up my room
  • Catch up on the pile of books
  • Reorganize My Network
  • Reorganize all the Cables, Wires and Hardware
  • Reorganize all the folders stored on my Network, I’m getting lost as to where I stored what item

Swamped @ Work


The last few weeks have been a hell of a lot of work, I haven’t even had a chance to catch up the emails or the usual daily tasks. Its meeting after meeting, running around for all the different tasks, meetings in different countries, last minute confirmations. What kills about last minute confirmations is that your not sure about flights or other schedules, so you have to make quick decisions. Going to Bahrain on a last minute meeting which I have been trying to get for two weeks was hectic since I just got in the car drove to Bahrain early morning and came back for a little work at the office then home, as soon as I sat on the couch I passed out only to transfer to my bed and continue my sleep. I don’t like things piling up, I want more time during the day, even late nights at work isn’t helping to catch up. What really annoys me is seeing my RSS feeds pile up, I enjoy taking my time reading them, but reaching 1000+ is a task to bring down, and I haven’t been able to watch any shows or anime because of this. I want things to calm down a bit, I also want to pause time for 48 hours so I can catch up on normal time.

Functional Shutdown


Left work at 3:00 pm, had a ridiculous headache and I was hungry as hell. I wasn’t functional from noon until 3pm, all I could think about was food and getting some sleep. As soon as I got home I had lunch, and passed out within 30 minutes. I woke up about 4 hours later not realizing so much time went by but the funny part is that I woke up hungry wanting more food, so I had dinner around 9:00pm. I think that waking up early getting a lot done over the past week has finally caught up with me and hit me on Sunday, I do like sleep but I also like to get a lot of things done during the week and weekend, but now I have a few things to do for this week. At least later in the evening I spent some time cleaning up, getting some paperwork in order, organizing the piles of things I have all over the floor, I always think that I will make time to organize my thing but there is always something that distracts me. I need to organize my music, I have a lot of new music that I need to put into a new play list and that will take no more then an hour, but still haven’t gotten around to it.

Sidenote – I took my Beemer to BMW for an Oil Change and check up

  • Their quick service on Saturday is a 4 hour wait
  • The Oil Change is 65 KD but Lexus is 27 KD, and their AC filter is 45 KD which is damn expensive

At least I knew the mechanic who is a good guy, he took my car quick and had it all done within an hour since it wasn’t much work for him. I got rid of all those annoying symbols coming up on the screen, now all I need is to drop the car at Al Falah Car Wash for a full detail so they can clean the leather.

Review: Infinite Crisis – Greg Cox

The world is falling apart around its greatest heroes. Batman’s paranoia has led him to create a supercomputer that has rebelled against him, threatening the entire world. Wonder Woman has slain a former ally to save the life of another. And Superman has lost his ability to lead, lost their faith, and lost his faith in himself. Four separate crises are converging, and the only hope for the entire Earth is that their champions conquer themselves and learn how to be heroes again.

This is a bit confusing if you aren’t a fan of the DC Comics Universe, or DC Comics for that matter. I have taken the books completely out of order, it was by luck that I picked up this book. I do enjoy reading comics turned into novels, the one thing about this book though is that you have to be somewhat familiar with DC Comic characters but the one thing that Greg Cox does amazingly is give you a portal into the minds of the heroes, the world is falling apart and they are all trying to figure out their way. I found “52” novel first which is book 3 of 3, then I read “Crisis” which is book 1 of 3, then this “Infinite Crisis” book 2 of 3 so I had a very odd or different perspective when reading through this novel. But when I read it, it made me visualize each character and try to image those who I didn’t remember and I just can’t seem to get enough of it, I hope for novels such as these from DC Comics, if you are a comic book fan then this is a must.

Link: Amazon


This has been a crazy day and half, I know its a crazy day when I didn’t even get a chance to take a look at my Google Reader. they added up very quickly, 638 to be exact. And when you go one stretch not going home until really late, your brain stops functioning at one point, all I kept thinking about was food. It was just one of those days, I know that I’m probably going to crash early today while watching some anime or tv show, something that requires the littlest amount of thinking possible.