Traffic For The Next Few Days (Stay Home)

From the text messages and posts that the government has been announcing that basically we shouldn’t be out for the next few days. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all the roads are basically going to be packed on the map, 600’000 people are going to be rerouted at the busiest times of the day.

  • 10:00 am – 2:00 pm – The Roads in Blue will be blocked
  • 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm – The Roads in Blue will be blocked

Based on the map we are pretty much screwed, and driving to work is going to be a nightmare. I was thinking of taking the seaside so at least I could get a view while stuck in traffic. I don’t know how they decided to plan this, but as usual there was no planning in the matter, but at least they announced that they are blocking it so we know what we are getting our selves into. So if you don’t need to go out don’t, but if you do be prepared for a lot of road rage.

KEMS – Block Torrents

Its official, it has been over two weeks now and KEMS has been blocking torrents. The Data Caps were somewhat removed quietly and nobody made a fuss about it but it really does seem that Kems doesn’t care about its customers. Just a few weeks back they just went and turned on their traffic throttling and blocking torrents. Its very sad that they can change the terms of our agreements without any notification. Usually in normal situations we would be able to sue because what they are doing is illegal, when you pay for your service they are bound by that contract but in our case they are changing it whenever they want.

Kems was doing so well over the past 3 years and they keep getting better and better, they were really one of the best ISPS, consistent speed, quality connections, almost never down. But then the last 6 months they took a turn for the worst and attacked their own customers with their actions, even bad mouthing their own customers. I don’t know what they had in mind for their PR campaign but it wasn’t a good one.

Traffic in All Directions

That day they the test on Tuesday I had one meeting in the city, then a stop in Qurtoba for another quick meeting, then the office. The plan was simple, but I didn’t think there would be that much traffic from all the blocked roads. After my meeting was done, I was pretty much stuck in traffic for three hours in total, 1 hour and 20 minute for a 10 minute drive and 1 hour and 40 minutes for the drive back to the office.

Fahaheel Expressway (30) wasn’t moving, neither was Malik Fahad Expressway (40), I tried being smart and taking the inside roads to try to circumvent the traffic, but it seems everyone had that idea too. I couldn’t get go any where fast, it was at snails pace, at one point I got out of the car to stretch my legs. So basically from 12pm until about 3 pm the traffic was completely messed up, which is ridiculous, and if this is the test run then I can’t imagine how bad traffic is going to on this coming Monday and Tuesday. I recommend to stay in the office or call in sick for those days, it will be horrible to be on the road.

(Our Office Cats fear no one, I was less then a meter a way and they couldn’t give a damn, these boys have been around the block and knock a few people around, they are not to be messed with, especially that big one in the middle of the hood. Cats are Evil!)

Fines & Tickets

The Ministry of Interior really does have its work cut out for it, they seem to be getting worse and worse and the processes they setup for fees or giving out types of fines. I check on a monthly basis if there are any fines and I usually pay them right away, I have managed to stay out of the radar or in order for a while now, keeping it within limits of tolerance. Then I check last week to find three speeding tickets from past months and four parking tickets, with no specific dates. The speeding tickets seem very random, only two have the month date not even the day and one just say 2009. So basically they can give you any speeding ticket and you can’t even contest it, the funny part is two of the three speeding tickets were in cars registered in my name but are the home cars. All together with the parking tickets they added up to 100 KD, but the MOI guy told me that I will have points on my driving license and one more and I will have my license in Kuwait revoked for three months. I asked how would a father who usually registers all the cars in his name sort this out, his son is driving, his daughter, his wife, or the house driver. So basically they don’t have a solution for this and only fine the person who is registered to the car, in the US and the UK you would have a chance to prove that you aren’t the driver so you wouldn’t be the recipient of the points. They really didn’t think through all the possible situations, I really think that they make the system work in a way so that you have to talk to someone to get these dumb issues sorted out.


  • 136 in a 120 in June of 09
  • 129 in an 100 April of 09(Mine)
  • 122 in an 80 in 09
  • 4 Parking Tickets

Note: This is the solution told to me from the MOI guy, that I do not know, is to get file for a replacement license and keep to driving licenses and when they want my drivers license for three months I just give them one of them and the request to pull my dirvers license will be revoked from the system and I can drive with the one driver’s license. And this is from a guy that I don’t even know, they really know how to make a very dumb system work.

Avoid 1st Ring Road in Kuwait


About two days back, mid day around 12 pm I got onto the first ring road heading to Kuwait City, to Salhiya to be exact and so I had to enter the Sheraton Round About, and suddenly traffic came to a complete halt half way there, and we were completely stuck on the 1st Ring Road.

If you need to go to the city, and heading towards to Sheraton round about try taking the 2nd Ring Road and entering it from the other side. The traffic is flowing at the round about, at a steady pace but the 1st Ring Road comes to a complete stop and moves at a snails pace which drives me mad and I’m assuming everyone else who got caught in it feels the same.

This project has taken too long, they have ruined the area around Church and Sheraton area. It has taken too long to finish the damn project and now they are making it worse. The traffic has increase three fold and we aren’t seeing when exactly this project will wrap up.

Kuwait Traffic

Somebody explain what the hell happened on Monday evening. From 5 pm onwards the police started blocking every road around Bayan Palace and every highway that could possible lead to it. In the diagram above anything in Dark Grey was empty highways because the police blocking off all exits, and anything in Red is EXTREME traffic due to the police blocking of those roads in Dark Grey.

There was no notification what so ever of this traffic or that the police were going to be blocking off roads. I read the newspapers and there was no mention of this, there is a meeting in Bayan Palace with people coming from out of state. This caused havoc on the roads of Kuwait for several hours, I hated being outside due to this hellish traffic. The usually 20 minute trip took me an hour and 10 minutes, and a 15 minute trip took one hour in the car. I went nuts sitting in a car going 10 kph, and knowing the traffic is being cause by the idiots who didn’t plan this out. They should have a fleet of helicopters to transport these dignitaries instead of causing over 7 hours worth of traffic without any warning.


I do appreciate that my work is located in Shuweikh, I avoid about 90% of all the traffic since everyone is heading to the city. This time it was a bit different since my training course is located at the Court Yard Marriot and I have to be there by 8:30 am.

I take a bit of an odd route, going into South Surra then Damascus street to the city, but people would be surprised how fast that is. The only problem I found out was that today, a lot of exits on the First Ring Road and the Sheraton Round About were closed because of some important people being in town. Due to these circumstances it led me to the round about way to getting to the city, and I ended up taking longer then I expected. I avoid Fahaheel Expressway if at all possible so I took this round about route, and 90% of all the traffic lights were green, but then there was this unaccounted for traffic. I felt like an idiot since I was going back and forth trying to find the right way to get to the city, and talking to a few friends they were all stuck in traffic. Instead of 40 to 45 minutes it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to the city. I was going to go nuts! What the hell is all this traffic, I didn’t ming going around too much in too many circles, but this time it was just ridiculous, a lot of traffic came to a stand still.