Riding Lessons – For Life

There is something about riding that just gets to a lot of people to the core, there is a type of freedom, a of experience that can be expressed except through riding. I have learned a lot from my riding especially at times when I wasn’t so level headed, and as the videos mentioned I will never forget my first crash, I can still picture it in my head. Riding is a risky but it is a manageable risk, and the rewards of riding with a level head is extremely rewarding, watching this video just felt damn good. If you haven’t ridden in your life then you really haven’t experienced freedom.

Some Training

Most the time I do some financial analysis for projects and have them looked over before going forward or submitting a project or proposal. Usually the courses or events I go to is more oriented to my field of work but this time around its more financial. I’m looking forward to it because it will give me more incite into the financial side of things rather then the operational which I have been into. Its going to be from 8 am to 8pm with lots of team oriented exercises. I have to admit that I really don’t like being teamed up with boring people or the types that like kissing up. The course is about three days long and I’m hoping to watch a few movies and meet up with a few people if possible.

Course & Load

No time to work this week, and no time to rest. This is the first time I have had a course in Kuwait, and I think it will be the last time I have a course in Kuwait. The course is a simple 3 Day financial management course meant for non-financial people, even though their were some financial people. My phone wouldn’t stop ringing while I’m in the course, every 10 to 20 minutes I would get a phone call, and nobody would call unless something was very wrong. Then you would spend 5 to 10 minutes on the phone sorting things out, then you go back and keep thinking about it. Couldn’t fully concentrate on the class, but I winged a few things which was funny. The course was held at Court Yard Marriot so at least there were a few places to eat during the lunch break unlike the usual Shuweikh choices.

I haven’t been in a class room environment in over 3 years, its a bit of a funny feeling. I remembered all the idiots that drove me nuts in the classes with their dumb questions, it was the same case here. At the beginning of the day it was simple enough, and they were just an annoyance, but as the day passed by it got more annoying to the point I want to beat them like a piñata and just wait for the damn candy to come out. It was three days of hell since I had to handle the course as well as the work, my emails piled up and it was annoying to even look at them. Next time, course will be outside of Kuwait, if I could it would be outside the Middle East.