The Telectroscope

Now this is a very interesting sight, this developed from an idea in the Industrial age around the 1800s. Where they wanted to make an undersea telescope of some sort from London to New York. And now in this modern age, an artist took this interpretation and made it true with modern technology, but instead of a tunnel, it is connected through fiber optic cabling with a screen to see the other side, it is real time and you can see people walking by or looking into it. The piece itself is a work of art and the technical idea is very fun.

Link: TheTelectroscope

Poseidon Undersea Resort

Now this is interesting, they have finally come up with an undersea resort. It seems that it is located some where close to the Fiji Islands and the number of under water suites are limited. They are inviting adventurers and certain people to come to this resort fro a unique stay. You will stay for two days underwater and the rest will be on the exclusive bangalow, a private twin-engine plane will take you from the Fijian Airport to the Poseidon Mystery Island, where ever that may be. You also have the use of Triton 1000 submarine at your disposal during the stay which is really interesting. It costs upwards of $15’000, I don’t know if that is per day or per week, would be very interesting to check it out.

Link: UnCrate