Vacation @ Home

There was one point in time where I was between jobs, so I had some time off and I took full advantage of it. I remember those days, I was getting a lot of work and errands done and meeting with a lot of people for potential work and yet having a lot of time to myself. I even remember riding during the week which was a lot of fun. That was a good time, but now it seems like a distant dream.

On The Back Burner

  • Major Gaming – Halo 4 & StarCraft 2
  • Playing the Games that are in still in their wrappers
  • Watching Anime
  • Cleaning Up My Office
  • Catching Up With Movies
  • Getting Some Computer Automation Done (Syncronization Details)
  • Take A Cooking Class

Personal time is a luxury that I don’t really have, even sleep these past few weeks hasn’t been at the top of the list so there are days where I just crash, I just shutdown, even an earthquake couldn’t wake me up (I have slept through an Earthquake while traveling recently). I have been thinking about taking time off work for about a week and then telling everyone I am out of town and then just get things done at home while enjoying every moment of free time, but that probably won’t be happening. I would like nothing better then to abuse the internet I have at home, on this vacation I wouldn’t want to leave the house if possible except for Riding and food.

Your Time Is Not Your Own

Recently I have been obsessed with Diablo 3, I feel like the kid back in 1997 who just would get of his machine, nonstop leveling and building characters. I want to enjoy this game that I planned ahead and took this past Thursday off over a month ago. The plan was simple, from Wednesday onwards don’t do anything but play this game, not eat or sleep, pretty much nothing, just nonstop clicking.

I even planned to leave work early so I can even enjoy a half day plus the weekend of gaming. But sometimes all my planning goes out the window. I always think about just taking a week off work and spend it finishing all my errands that I have to do but I wonder how much I would get done.

I ended getting called to the bank for work and heading into work twice on Thursday which very much interrupted my gaming time. Saturday I had to go into work from about 7 in the morning until 12 and then I was family and other mandatory social events so my whole Saturday was gone. So even the thought of taking a vacation while in Kuwait you end up doing things that never popped into your mind and people think your free so they end up calling and you end up with more things to do. I only managed to zone out for a solid 5 hours of nonstop gaming on one day and thoroughly ignored my phone, I loved it.

Next time I’m just gonna tell people that I am out of town and record a strange ring tone to my voicemail, makes people think that I am out of town.

Eid Mubarak To All

Eid vacations have turned into one and two week vacations for people in Kuwait with the Government giving extended vacations in all directions. I had a few days off so I took them to travel for a bit, but usually I like staying in Kuwait for Eid, the town is like a ghost town and its easy to get around.

Right now the weather is fantastic and its amazing to be outside, I like Eid because you get to see a lot of family and all these adorable kids. I do go somewhat broke giving out Eedeyas and yes not all the kids are the same, some you give different then others, I have my favorites.

This time around I’m taking advantage and went out of town for a bit so I hope everyone has a fantastic Eid with friends and family.

20 Day Hiatus


Its been a little while since I have been online or at my computer to make any posts. I took a very nice vacation in California for the last 21 days, and during that time I barely sat at a desk or had a laptop to work on any posts. I tried to have as much fun as possible and go out as much as I could, I tried seeing as many movies as I could as well. Just got back from a 16 hour and 35 minute flight from San Francisco to Dubai, not including the short trip from Dubai to Kuwait which feels like a short trip to the supermarket in comparison. I will be back to posting normally, I have a lot to post about, thank you for everyone that emailed and asked if I just disappeared off the face of the planet but I think I was having too much fun for my own good. Still it wasn’t enough, it has been the first long vacation I have taken in almost two years and it has been much needed. I literally purged my brain of all work and any other responsibility as soon as I walked through immigrations & customs at San Francisco when I landed in the beginning of September. I didn’t even read anything from GoogleReader, and I’m looking at it right now and its the most I have ever seen, I wish the GoogleReader went above the “1000+” mark so I can know that I am denting it since its probably around 5000 to 6000, and I will go through them when I have a chance. Having the iPad 3G with AT&T service in the US basically made the laptop useless, I almost never was on a computer during my stay since the iPad 3G provided for all my internet needs, searches, email, and any type of connectivity, I basically lived off the iPad and I would recommend anyone traveling to the US to get the 3G version with them since their is 3G coverage in most major cities and locations.

Merry XMas

Now this has turned into a festive Christmas Day, luckily it came on a Friday so everyone was busy with Christmas. To my surprise the streets were practically empty today, most of everyone left town for New Years festivities and those who are celebrating Christmas are probably home or at Church so riding today was a lot of fun. 2009 is coming to an end, this whole December flew by, I have been ridiculous busy with work and family stuff that days were flying by. I still have 6 months of Anime downloads to catch up on, that is probably going to be a lot of work to catch up on but going to be worth it, I have caught up with a lot of TV shows. What an interesting year, lots of ups and downs, I’m just enjoying the weather and riding these days.

Link: GeekTyrant

Weekend’s Over


This weekend was an active weekend for a few of us, I for one got a lot done but didn’t get to relax much. The weather was just perfect, we got just enough rain to clean up the weather, I felt for once there was no dust in the air after all that rain. Then it was perfectly sunny on Sunday morning, and everybody was out that day, the streets were completely full and people were out with their families.

Managed to catch up with some TV shows, almost finished one that I wanted but then we diverted and watched a few movies. We watched Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen again, that is one movie that I really enjoyed but there are two parts that really get to me. I really get caught up when Optimus Prime is killed halfway through the movie, and when Sam Witwicky is killed towards the end. I don’t know what to expect for the next one coming up. I still haven’t had a chance to just sit and play video games but I’m planning for that.

Happy Eid


Happy Eid to Every and Hajj Maqbool to those who went, it is raining in Mecca right now and looks amazing. For this Eid I have a simple schedule in mind which requires very little thinking on my, its pretty much catching up on things I have to do and relaxing.

Simple Task List:

  • Passing By Family early in the Morning for Eid
  • Watching A Couple of Movies
  • Catching Up On TV Shows
  • Reorganizing Books & Comics
  • Cleaning Out Old that I don’t need
  • Ripping a few CDs
  • Updating My Playlists
  • Riding A Lot

I’m avoiding the shopping malls for the next few days, when I passed by Avenues on the way to Al Rai that place was so overflowed that there wasn’t even parking on the street available. I hate traffic so I’m going to try to avoid that if its possible.

Long Weekend

This is going to be a nice relaxing weekend with some good food and movies and tv shows, maybe a bbq as well. I’m thinking about trying to Wakeboard this weekend but that may end up to be a disaster but for ideal conditions I need flat water and my skills are abismal but I’m still gonna try. I really am looking forward to a relaxing weekend of chilling, tv shows, and some fun in the sun.

Movie List for the Weekend:

  • Fast & Furious
  • 12 Rounds
  • Doctor Who Planet of the Dead
  • Race to Witch Mountain
  • Pink Panther 2
  • Stomp Live
  • Star Trek The Captains Summit

The Movie Weekend List

For the long weekend I’m piling up a lot of movies and anime to relax and watch. Some are a bit old and some are new, and all of these are in 720p or 1080p


  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  • Body Of Lies
  • Monsters Inc
  • Opium and The Kung Fu Master (1984)
  • Outlander
  • Punisher War Zone
  • Role Models
  • Seven Pounds
  • While She Was Out

Just Got Back

So been away for a little while, it has been an interesting vacation. I have been in the US for most of the time, and my friend joined me. We were staying at a friends place and visiting different places, the only thing I did online during that time was check my email and reply to those that I needed to. Other then that did a lot of riding, reading, driving, eating, relaxing, Halo 3 & Gears of War 2, and a few other things.

Looking at my Google Reader is nothing short of a disaster, I probably have over 4000+ feeds to read, which I’m probably going to skip, most of them are the major sites, but I know I’m going to read the regular blogs. Other then the online things I have to catch up with, I do have a billion things piled up to take care of, then there is work.

The jet lag is interesting, somehow I managed to adjust myself right away, I slept enough of the 16 hour flight so that I could function when I got here around 10 pm at night, so I woke up 9 am on Saturday.