GoPro Hero3

There have been a lot of action cameras of this kind with different features, and GoPro has just leap frogged the competition with the new Hero3. They claim it to be smaller, lighter and record better quality footage than its predecessor.

GoPro claims the the Hero 3 is 30 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the old model. To top that off, the top-of-the-line Black Edition is capable of capturing video at up to 4K resolution—as long as you don’t mind slowing recording down to 15 fps. I honestly think the 4K speed is pointless for action use because its only 15 fps which will look very choppy, no screen can play that high a resolution yet.

There are three different versions of GoPro now, the Black, Silver and White. That being said, a faster processor in the Black camera allows it to capture lower-resolution footage at higher frame rates than in the past, and it offers 1080p60, 1440p48 and 720p120 modes for slow-mo situations. Lower-spec models are also none too shabby: the Silver packs an 11MP camera and can capture 1080p30 video, while the rather more humble White packs a simple 5MP camera. One new interesting feature is wifi in all the devices, they have heard our cries, you can now turn on and record through a remote wifi device. They all work the GoPro app because of their Wifi feature, but the Black Edition comes with a dedicated remote.

I wasn’t going to wait, I already ordered two Black Editions which will ship Mid-November and I am looking forward to getting my hands on them.

Kodak Zi8

I’m always looking for these pocket cams, and I have a Flip UltraHD on the way, but the Zi8 from Kodak seems to top it with a matching price. It has yet to be tested and I’m pretty happy with the Flip Cameras but there is always room for improvement but tough to keep it in the same price range. I do like that it has an external microphone jack so you won’t hear the air if you can place a microphone somewhere else when your recording a moving vehicle.


  • 1080p Recording
  • Electronic Image Stabilizer
  • SDHC Card Slot
  • External microphone jack
  • 5 Megapixel Stills
  • Track Faces of Subjects and “more details and accurate colors in low light”
  • List Price $180

Link: Gizmodo

New Canon Video Cameras

I have been looking at Video cameras for a while now, I want to start making some videos. The main point is clarity and I would be able to mount it to a moving vehicle. From what I understood hard drives aren’t a good idea except if they are solid state or flash drives because the vibrations would damage the hard drive. At this point I’m looking at the cameras with flash drives or DV tape, and then I would need the editing skills to make interesting short clips. The prices are varying for sure, click the link for more information on the camera. The flash drive versions are the top most expensive ones, so I would probably be looking at other options and waiting for a few reviews to come out.

  • Vixia HF S10: $1,299.99, early March
  • Vixia HF S100: 1,099.99, early March
  • Vixia HF20: $899.99, early April
  • Vixia HF200: $749.99, early April
  • Vixia HV40: $999.99, early June
  • FS22: $599.99, mid April
  • FS21: $329.99, early April
  • DC420: $369.99, early April
  • DC410, $299.99, early April
  • ZR960: $249.99, early April

Link: Gizmodo

Camera Suction Mount

Who doesn’t like those car chases with the right angles, strange camera shots from vehicles, and moving vehicle shots. To get these types of shots you need a camera suction mount which I have been looking into every once in a while. It wasn’t a necessary item but I always wish I had it, and after a couple of weeks ago a friend called me up and told he got me a really good camera mount.

It looks like one hell of a heavy duty camera, but I have to make sure after some testing that it will hold on and do the job. I really like hot flexible it is, and I have had it mount onto the shelf for over 5 days now and it won’t budge which is a good sign. I will test it with a non-essential camera on a moving vehicle before using my DSLR. The overall quality is apparent from the moment you use it, and I can’t wait to use it.

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