Automat – Damn Good Burgers

Whenever I am in London I always make a stop in Automat, its one of those places that I am familiar with and always enjoy. They have just been consistent over the years, they never really disappoint, a very simple menu, salads, burgers, and a few pastas and in my case the most important being the Mac & Cheese.

The Mac & Cheese is just a perfect combination and not too heavy, I love taking a bite off the top of the baked crust. With the burger there which is also pretty damn good, I didn’t know what to eat, and I always like to start off with their Chicken Ceaser Salad, it just tastes so good and refreshing. You have to book sometimes to eat there, the place gets packed.

Link: Automat

Crispy Cold


London is cold as usual, it ranges between 4 to 11 degrees depending the time of day and some times it rains. I love walking around in this weather. I think I’m averaging between 9 to 11 Kms a day of walking, some days I walk for hours and some days I walk because I can’t find a taxi to go home. A lot of people are going Christmas shopping crazy so you can’t find empty cabs, and I think its a little too early for Christmas shopping but its just amazing to walk. I carry my umbrella with me just in case it starts pouring but its still fun to walk around. After plugging in the local microsim into my iPad I carry it with me while walking around and I usually use my Android phone to look up directions, info, or movie times but when ever I make a stop I have my iPad just in case.

Walking Around London

During the last trip to London I had some free time to walk around before my flight and later the day before. The weather was just fanstatic, cool and sunny, everybody just wants to be outside. The usual in London are people just spilling out of bars with their beers, its the only city that I know that people can stand outside with their beers.

I was walking around trafalgar square and there seemed to be some event going on, and lots of kids playing in the fountains, after that I headed over to Piccadilly to visit some other areas. I just love walking in London, and the combination smell of fresh air and double decker buses can only be found in London. 48 hours in London is just not enough, it felt like taking a small bite of a very tasty meal and having to leave early.

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Streets Of Plaka

Old streets always have something to tell you, some of these streets are hundreds of years old and you can feel it when walking around. Plaka is the old city of Athens, so much to see, so many old colorful two story buildings around the area. I enjoy areas such as this, I can spend all day walking around here. Greeks are a happy people, and they love cafes, I kept walking there for over three hours and the same people kept sitting at the same cafe’s with more cups of coffee on the table and some sweets.

After walking some time I could feel my stomach start grumbling. The weather was perfect, cold and sunny, so Speeros told me he would take me to the perfect Kabab place to get a bite to eat. I honestly got lost from so many turns we took, luckily he knew these streets like the back of his hand. I was surprised to find the ancient ruins in the middle of all this, and its a large plot of land, nothing small, its fantastic seeing places such as these.

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Slight Workout

Came back from work around 6:00 pm and I wanted to do something different, I was hungry but I felt like moving a little. I thought of going to the gym but instead I decided to go for a jog in Mishref, seeing all the people walking when I’m coming back from work, I thought to myself if they can do it then I can.

I started off in the middle section and turned right, it was around 47 C which did feel as bad as I thought. Then I started a light jog, and picked up the pace. I came to realization that this is a lot harder then it looks, and I am in horrible shape. I was laughing at myself and panting, running out of breath, I had nothing to eat all day, and I was thirsty as hell. This was a crazy idea, but I thought to stick it out.

Some stats off the top of my head:

  • Covered about 3.4 Km (The markings on the ground are great)
  • 20% Ran, 15% Jog, and 65% Walk. A lot of people were passing me and I thought this is embarrassing, and continued on my path while running out of breath between intervals
  • Took about 38 minutes, thank god for the water fountains to drink from they are a life saver

It felt good after I was done, but I needed a cold shower but the cold water ran out very quickly. I’m really out of shape and I need to get back in shape, and I’m a lot heavier then I remember.