Sand Storm Black Out

This weather storm literally came out of no where, we were sitting outside and saw something on the horizon and it was moving quickly. We started getting blackberry messages of people in the city and how it was enveloping the roads and buildings. It looked like a real moving creature and it looks angry. Within 20 minutes it was over us and day turned to night, then you could hear the call for prayer, it was an eerie feeling. We all headed inside to take take cover but the sand storm is out in full strength. Even while we are indoors the dust is seeping through the openings in the windows and doors, we tried putting wet towels in certain areas, but other then using electrical or masking tape we aren’t going to stop it from coming in. I don’t even know where this weather system came from, I feel sorry for those with allergies or stuck outdoors, I hope this clears up quickly or it rains very soon.

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350 Kuwait

QVERT will be organizing a walkathon, along with the Scientific Center in Kuwait, MRC, British Industries, and many other environmental activists.

We will be gathering at the Scientific center, and then walk to Marina Mall (Marina Crescent). Throughout the walk and at Marina Crescent, participants will be provided with flyers to give out random people and explain our cause, 350’s cause. (
DATE: Saturday, October 24th, 2009!

TIME: 11am-1pm (Gathering starts 10am. A commencement speech 10:30am. Walk @ 11am)

PLACE: SCIENTIFIC CENTER – Salmiya, Arabian Gulf St.

DRESS CODE: Blue.. Anything Blue!

Don’t miss it, one planet, one chance..

For more information logon to

Multiple Stops

For the past few weeks I have been on the move with family and a little bit of work, majority of it is a break from work but I had to have some meetings while I was out abroad. Towards the end of this trip I have been on a plane every day and a half which has gotten exhausting, there is a lot I want to post about but not enough time. Off the bat, Italy was amazing, I’m annoyed that I haven’t gone there earlier, but there is a lot to post about, then off to London and I really missed London. I almost haven’t been to London for almost two years at this point, I didn’t realize how busy I got until recently, but it was so nice to be back in my room and smelling the fresh air next to the park, and now I’m in Hungary for a few days before heading back to London then back to the Kuwait the next night after a meeting in the morning. I have a lot of fasting to make up for when I get back to home, fasting abroad or while traveling is very difficult so I opted to fast at a later point, and I walked a lot in all the places, its just so easy to walk with this cool and nice weather. When I’m out walking I can feel the difference, the oxygen level in these countries are better then Kuwait, it just feels refreshing to walk outside and breath. Still a lot more to do and only a few days left until I go home, I wish all a happy eid.

Fresh Rain


It has been a long time since we have had rain in Kuwait, and that fun hail storm the other day. There is something that I like about the rain, it feels like the air was cleaner. I do enjoy driving in the rain, so Friday morning I woke up to go riding and found it raining outside, that didn’t really stop us. We still went to breakfast, and I do love driving in the rain. The best part was the empty streets that early in the morning, I was enjoying the drive and the music as I was driving to the Avenues, every once in awhile the tail of my car would slip out on a turn and it is fun to control that. Even breathing that fresh air felt nice outside, and it wasn’t too cold, just cool enough.

Morning Outing

The weather was so nice recently that I decided to head out on the bike as soon as I was back. It was a clear day, and I could feel the cool wind. My Nano was charged and my playlists sorted out, so I got on the bike and headed for the seaside. There were a few vehicles on the road and people heading to work from the seaside but its still an enjoyable ride. I think the only thing driving me nuts is that I can’t eating anything during the ride, I do get hungry but I only stop for a bottle of water and drink the whole thing. Oddly enough I could smell meat from the morning, bakeries, I could even pick up the smell of doughnuts at different points. Its really funny when you get the wiff and suddenly my mind is thinking about food and the nice weather. 

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