A Challenge Issued

I don’t know how this exactly happened but one thing lead to another and I have several challenges ahead of me to accomplish by the first weekend in July. This was instigated by M.F.W. during one of our work meetings, somehow the subject got diverted to what we can or can’t accomplish if we set out minds to it and who is better at what, and I was thoroughly insulted by him on several levels so the challenges arose from that.

Two Challenges to Accomplish by the 1st Weekend of July 2012:

  • Weight Loss & Strength Gain, who will win, and I currently weigh 112 KG
  • Wakeboarding, who has the best skills and points will be awarded, tricks and all capabilities

I’m honestly taking this very very seriously, I won’t be losing at either. Luckily I have a lot of weight to lose so I’m going to take this to the extreme. Gonna hit the gym until I collapse and going to regulate my food to a degree, my issue isn’t really food its lack of movement and that will be something I will work on.

Wake-boarding is one of the sports that I love and I consider myself to be ok at it, not horrible but with the gym workout I’m going to increase my agility and endurance so it will help with Wake-Boarding and then I will take the risks of bodily injury to perform some crazy tricks, in my head they are crazy but can I do it.

Now I’m going to start this coming week and jump right into it. I’m going to start this off on my own and then probably look for some professional help with the gym then get some world champion wakeboarder to train me for 10 days. M. F. W. I will destroy you!

MISSION ACCEPTED (Insert Mission Impossible Theme Song Here)

@ 95.8 and Standing!


It has been a about 10 days at this point and I think that my body has somewhat adjusted to my eating habits. I have cut back significantly with my eating habits but not as strict as before. I have just dropped around 1 kilogram over a week and I’m honestly eating comfortably, still keeping to small quantities but not completely cutting myself. Now at this stage I think I should seriously start working out but that initial step to go to the gym is just so damn hard, I just keep coming up with excuses not to go and then I say its just too late to go. So I have to break this cycle and start moving a little more. My main goal is to able to enjoy some water sports during the summer so I really need to strengthen my biceps and chest to be able to wakeboard at the beginning of the summer.

What I’m Craving:

  • Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Coldstone Ice Cream
  • Watermelon
  • Four Cheese Pizza
  • Slider Burgers

Gradually Dropping


I have reached that balancing point with my diet, I’m eating comfortably enough these days. The simple rule that I have forgotten last week but sticking too this week is eating extremely light for dinner. As of recently I have become a huge fan of Subway sandwiches, but they aren’t as light as they are made out to be and I don’t like brown bread so sticking to fruits and vegetables for dinner is key. Finding what makes you happy so you don’t crave everything was very important. For me it was mostly about portions and cutting back on the unnecessary items helped with me.

At this point I have realized I need to work out to drop more weight, since I really haven’t moved at all yet. I have managed to reach 96.8 kilograms which is about 2.2 Kilograms less then a few weeks back. Also I got a scale to help check myself daily now, something precise and very simple. Now my goal is cut down to at least 94 and go from there, some cardio workout and a little weights will help me get there. A while back my optimum weight is at 80 Kilograms but I’m not expecting to reach that point anytime soon, so I’m setting my goals on weekly points which is honestly working, step by step. I want to drop fat and increase muscle weight since I want to get up on the damn wakeboard this summer unlike last summer so its a goal to work towards.

What I’m Craving

  • Baskin Robins Ice Cream
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Muchboos Laham
  • Strawberry Cheese Cake
  • Candies Chocolate Cake Tube Ice Cream

Breaking 99


The first stage of losing weight was breaking the 99 KG goal, and now I can say I have broken that point. I have managed to drop about 7 KG over the course of 5 weeks, since I started this the first week of march. I’m not starving myself but I really cut back on the quantities that I’m eating, and I do eat healthy in between. The best part about all this is my bike gear is fitting me again, still got some ways to go but it was an improvement over breathing in and holding to close the jacket, its still a bit tight but a lot better then before.

I’m not counting calories or working out yet, just sticking to water and healthier food then usual. Eating smaller portions then usual helps a lot, you can walk away from the table feeling light, that you are able to get some work done. I eat my muchboos and other items but in smaller portions so I can enjoy the taste without having to eat to the point of passing out. I have mostly cut out fast food without realizing it, and sticking to water only is easy as long as I’m in the movies. I have gone to a few restaurants that I prefer their food when eating light because its tasty and you feel satisfied.


  • Rocca Salad
  • Mushroom Soup


  • Turkey Sandwich


  • Maki Marina Salad
  • Issa Maki

4.1 and Going!


After a couple of weeks since cutting off soda and cutting back on food I have almost reached the firs stage, then I go into another phase. I dropped a little bit more then 4 KGs, and I’m almost below the 100 KG mark at this point. Its been a few weeks of holding myself back, there have been times where I wanted to deviate from the diet and stuff myself silly but I have managed to hold on strong. I have had several weak moments craving food and wanting to eat more, there is a big difference between not being hungry and being full. I’m still eating all the types of food I want during lunch but the quantities are 1/4th of what they used to be and at night I try to eat light, some salads or fruits depending on what I feel like. Eating light during lunch gives me the capability to get up and do other things after lunch instead of going into hibernation mode, but I do get hungry quicker. Whenever I feel hungry I drink a small bottle of water so that I don’t think about food, I know I love food but you know its bad when you have dreams about it. There are days which I eat more then others but overall this hasn’t been too bad.

The Drop



It has been an interesting 11 days since this whole fiasco started, my intention is to lose weight and now I’ve started to feel it. After about 6 days I lost 1.5 KGs, and now after 11 days I have dropped from 102.5 Kg to just under 97 Kg which feels good. I didn’t really feel the weight lose as much as I don’t feel as hungry anymore. I don’t eat much through out the day. and I don’t get that hungry. I tend to eat small meals, and at this point I get about 35 mins of excercise a day to burn some energy. Some days I didn’t excercise instead I went riding for over an hour and half, and the weather is fantastic these days. I hope I can keep this up and my target is to get to the 80 Kgs, one big difference is that sleeping light does feel good, and since I don’t have that much energy in me I pass out early.