My Cousin & The Wrath of the Lich King

WoW or World of Warcraft has a huge fan base all over the world, and I think my cousin is one of the biggest fans. I did enjoy playing some WoW but not even close to the hard core fans. My cousin pretty much ditched our usual Saturday chilling session to dedicate all possible time in the day to the new Expansion Pack of WoW, The Wrath of the Lich King, and I do mean all possible time. He even got in line for the Thursday release at Virgin but turns out it was the US version and not the Euro version that he needed, so he is getting it Saturday. I don’t doubt if he takes time off work, WoW fans are fantastically insane nobody can match their dedication.

Activision & Blizzard Merge

Now this is good news, two of my favorite game developers of all time are going to merge. I’m not sure of the technical details of the merger or the exact value, all I keep thinking about is the quality of games they will be able to come up with because these two game companies have been consistent over the years. I wonder what they are going to come up with next, I’m really waiting for StarCraft II.


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