Faber Castell – Perfect Pencils

Most everything is digital these day but when I go to meetings I have my trusty Moleskin with me and when I travel I have another for personal use. I like writing stuff down, drawing and doodling on the Moleskin. But with the perfect not pad you have to have the perfect tool, and in this case it the Faber-Castell pencils, I have been using them for a while, regular pencils and mechanical pencils. My drawing skills are no better then that of a 3 year old but I still like to draw and sketch, its always a good way to display ideas and I’m always noting stuff down or trying to draw things.

I have picked up about six different pens and pencils over the last two years and I use them all, I have some which are clipped onto a specific note pad and some I use for doodling. And recently I bought a drawing pencil set, from 6H to 8B, and I don’t even know what that means except maybe the thickness of the lead of the pencils, its just normal black pencils which I use for drawing and shading and some of these are very thick so its going to be fun trying them out. I have found these pencils available in Magahwi in Salmiya and Kuwait City opposite Khaleejeya complex, and in Greece Airport, Singapore Airport, all over the UK. If your a person that enjoys their writing and drawing utensil then this is the perfect tool.

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Hand Writing

During that training course it was the first time in a while that I was writing notes just so that I could remember the useful stuff. I was picking a few useful things that I could use at work, but I was writing it all down. When I was looking at my notes, I realized how horrible my hand writing was. I think one of the main reasons I liked computers so much is that it made writing that much easier and faster, and my hand writing was horrendous. If I take it easy, I could make it look nice but when I’m writing quickly it looks like squiggles of a grade 2 student doodling for his life. I like writing in my Moleskins and I try to keep it neat, but thank god for computers.