Le Monstre by D3 – Cadillac CTS-V’s Distant Scary Cousin

The thing that I love about Chevy/Cadillac’s high powered vehicles is that they make machines that make you laugh, that is the thing about American cars, you laugh like a kid when you are behind the wheel. The Cadillac CTS-V is one beast and they just took it to another level, tuning it to 1000 bhp and adding components to turn it into a racing machine and I for one would to try this machine out. And the Matte Black does look pretty damn good on it, I’m assuming it took a lot of parts to change it into this beast.

The Only Points That Need To Be Known:

  • 1001HP
  • 1000TQ
  • 5:1 power to weight ratio
  • 427 CID w/3.6L Supercharger System
  • Toyo Proxes T1R tires (front: 275/30ZR20; rear: 345/25ZR20)
  • 1+G On The Skid Pad

Link: D3Cadillac

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Romeo Ferraris’ 667 bhp Carbon Fiber Corvette

The Corvette is a beautiful creature which challenges a lot of the machines across the water from the Germans, and Italians and to the Japanese. Now Romeo Ferrari is a tuning company out of Italy who are known to tweak their machines to extremes. It seems they went across the Atlantic to work on their next specimen, the Corvette Z06.

RF has taken the Z06 and fitted a supercharger to the 7.0-liter LS7 V8 resulting with a monstrous 667 bhp and 607 lb-ft of torque. With all the modifications this machine gets to 62 mph in 3.3 blazing seconds and up to 211 mph. Thats assuming you can control this car and get all the power out, and they have fitted the brakes to stop it to a halt. Now they have taken every body piece off the Corvette and crafted every Carbon Fiber piece to make it extremely light and looks extremely mean and scary.

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ZR1 Commercial

A GM Commercial about Americans still making rockets shows the ZR1 strutting it’s stuff on the road. The 683 bhp beast from Chevrolet which can beat almost ever high end car out there without much effort, its more like a German engineered vehicle then an American built sports car, I liked the commercial, but more action scenes next time please.

Corvette ZR1 vs. Lamborghini 670 SV

Corvette ZR1 640 bhp, RWD Journalist Driving
Lamborghini 670 SV 670 bhp, AWD Lamborghini Track Driver

Two very different machines which are the perfection of their manufacturers chasing each other down side roads. The challenge is simple can the Autocar journalist in a Corvette ZR1 keep up with the Factory test driver in the Lamborghini 670 SV. These machines are both works of art, I’m still biased towards the Corvette, its just such a piece of work and so much fun.

Corvette ZR1 vs. U.S. Navy Fighter Jet

I have an extreme admiration for the Corvette ZR1 being a powerful vehicle, at 641 bhp from a V8 supercharged engine, doing 0-62 Mph in 3.3 seconds. I just love when they do these types of competitions, and this time around they are doing with the fighter jet from the Blue Angels, a Boeing F/18 Hornet, the stunt fighter pilots who do all these shows and fly with extreme precision.

LS9 Engine Available For Purchase, At A Price!

Who would ever think that GM would offer the ZR1 LS9 engine as a ready to order engine. That just makes an engine transplant so very tempting. With 630 bhp ready to be dumped into any machine, it is going to fly but the price is a bit steep going for $21’000 and that doesn’t include all the other items that need to be added to make for a full working engine. Still its a very tempting endeavor to put this engine into the heart of any machine.

Link: Autoblog

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Innotech C6 Corvette

I have to say that I never thought a Czech company would be able to improve the look of the Corvette and yet they did. It has a bit of similar look to a 599, and they also have some engine modifications available for C6, Z06, and ZR1. I’m curious to see what these machines are able to do since they do perform in the first place.

Link: Carzi

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Corvette ZR1 on Autobahn – Just Amazing

The new 2009 Corvette ZR1 is slowly trickling out and there is a test video of this machine on the German roads. At 647 bhp and open roads he managed to hit 320 km/h in the video as if it isn’t any issue at all, what a beast of a machine, check out the video below and you can watch it in hi def in youtube.

Corvette ZR1 Pricing

There is a lot to be said about the Corvette, and now that they are introducing the ZR1 its nothing short of a monster. 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds and pumps out about 638 bhp, I was afraid of the Z06 but this is just on another level. I decided to inquire into the pricing of the machine. It seems there are two packages, the 3ZR and 1ZR, the 3ZR being the more expensive. It is guesstimated that the 3ZR would be at $117’000, the only options available are the color, the rims, and the navigation/sound system. The rest of the car is fully loaded.

I passed by the dealership in Kuwait and this is the information I received.

There is a waiting list of 9 people who are putting money down and it is priced between 31’000 to 37’000 KWD. They aren’t sure yet, but what they do know is that they had an allotment of 8 but it has been reduced to 2 cars, and they pretty much sold.

So I called up Courtesy Chevrolet in California, I know that they are the biggest Corvette Seller on the West Coast. They are receiving an allotment of 10 and they have 7 people on the waiting list. After asking a few questions, he shocked me with a huge mark up, for th 3ZR it is list of a $117’00 and a mark up of $50’00, and you will receive the car by spring of next year, if you want the car this summer then the mark up is $60’000. For a grand total of $177’000 which is roughly 47’790 KWD.

I called up a few other dealership until finding Putnam Chevrolet close to San Francisco and he didn’t mention a mark up on the ZR1. He is expecting the 3ZR to be around $120’000 which is equivalent of 32’400 KWD. They seemed a lot more reasonable then the first one.

I made use of my Skype Phone while making my phone calls, this is a limited production machine and only a few dealerships will be getting it. I called a few that weren’t even getting it, and they sounded depressed when they answered. Whoever is going to be driving this machine will really enjoy it.

Link: Corvette ZR1