Bike World – Gilera GP800 Test Ride

These days the weather has been near perfect, sunny during the day and cooler in the afternoon. Just a little too hot at noon but still great for riding, I’m out when I can be but this was a special ride. I got a call from Ahmed at Bike World which I visited last time and he told me he has something special for me, I asked him whats special he said to pass by and I will see. I was expecting a Moto GP Machine capable of breaking the sound barrier with futuristic technology. When I got there he had for me a scooter, not any scooter but a scooter on steroids and that is something I wasn’t expecting, the Gilera GP800.

He told me to take it for a few days to try it out and let me know what I think, I told him it better not sound like one of those whiny motorcycles which has a whistle for an exhaust. Oddly enough I have never driven a scooter before, driven a few Harleys, lots of supersports but never a scooter and not one like this either. He told me has a customer that goes to Saudi in it, now that would be a site. I got it, I felt I like was a high end delivery guy, meant to deliver gourmet food and I was wearing my bike gear so it felt like I was in racing gear on a scooter, I was laughing to myself as soon as I got on. Switched it on and it had a growl to it, this is wimpy machine, it had more umph then I expected. I took off for a little tour around Kuwait before heading home. This little beast can do 180 kph, well thats what I reached in it, it felt funny that I was trying to control it like a bike.

This is probably one of the most comfortable ride I have had, now its a little different since it had an automatic gearbox which felt strange to me and my seating position is that of a seat. My whole form didn’t feel like I was sitting in the position I’m used to on a two wheel machine. It had a great turning radius and its comfortable around town, very comfortable, zipping around everywhere in it. The brakes felt odd because I have to squeeze both levers when I’m used to a pedal and the right lever, no clutch just felt alien to me. It took some getting used to but this is great for someone who wants to have some fun, with good transportation and it had a big storage area under the seat which I was using for a few days. But I’m used to the braking of a Ducati and KTM, the maneuverability of those machines too so any of the the top 50cc scooters on the market can’t match up to that and I learned that quickly. But the funny part is that I was laughing like giddy school boy under the helmet while driving this scooter on steroids around town.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. looks like a scooter

    not nice

  2. Zed – Yup, its a scooter but a big one! Not a fan of scooters but this was a fun experience! I like the retro looks of a Vespa though, those are fun! But like I said Scooters are for certain people, but I need a little bit more power and more precision riding!

  3. Dont underestimate scooters, I’ve tried a Suzuki Burgman and it was like riding a battleship :P

  4. hovig

    i had a 650 burgman, now i have the mp3 500 but this thig is something else. beutiful machine to ride.

  5. Ottomanic

    A HayaScooter at LAST!
    Will Valentino win a GP Race on this one?
    How about a wheelie in 3rd gear at 200kph?
    Not Quite?
    Never mind. It’s still the Scooter with the MOSTEST and that is a Great Result.
    It’s definitely the vehicle of choice, when you run out of coke (Coca-Cola that is!) and you need to blast down to the local supermarket.
    Make it and even 1000cc’s, a 0-100kph in 3.1 sec, a tops speed of 265kph and you’re ON! Harley riders beware, this things will run rings around you on any given Sunday!

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