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I am avid motorcycle rider! So I want to put together information about riding in Kuwait and in other places that I have ridden. I want to give people a chance to understand the riders mentality and also get a kick from the stories and get some useful information!

Riding in the US is easy in comparison and also less hazerdous to your health. But truth be told people dont ride to be safe. They ride because it gives them this indescribable feeling. It is like a virus, once you ride you cant stop riding! Its an infectious feeling.

Why Riding is a post which I give an idea into why Im such an avid motorcycle rider.

Bike Tip: Engine Break-In
Bike Tip: Tire Break-In
Bike Tip: Your First Bike
Bike Tip: Fuel Type

Personel Riding
Riding Around
Morning vs. Late Afternoon Riding Part I
3 Day Break!
BMW K1200R
Riding Thursday
Motorcycle Meet
Bike Price
Morning vs. Later Afternoon Riding Part II
TriStar Outing
Robo for Service
California Riding
Bike Gear Update
My Old R1
Late Night Ride
Picking Up Robo
248an Meet
Late Night Ride II
Exhaust Upgrade
Cali Riding
Tempting Speed
Ride Back

Motorcycle Related
Ghost Rider
Ducati RR
AC Shnitzer BMW K1200R
Ducati HyperMotard
MotoGP Mess that Rossi Wins
Bimoto Delirio
Another Helmet
Motorcycle Parts
Kuwait Motorcycle Prices
ZZR 1400 ?
MotoGP 2006 Season Update
Aprillia RSV-R

Just a little fun