New Ferrari SUV

A friend of mine just emailed this to me a few minutes ago! I dont even know if this thing is going to be produced, but the front looks ugly in my opinion, but the back looks ok. No other details available to me at this time. I can only imagine how much it would cost and how it would drive. I dont even know what engine they will use! This is going to be interesting.



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  1. I hate it…


    Maybe it will take a few years to grow on me like the Porsche did..

    u know what this SUV made me very very angry.. Maly khulg a3aber masha3ry.. kaifkom intow fakro o 7aliloow ma yabeeliha wayed tafkeer !!

  2. DiiGMaa: its looks close to an Infinite FX, but I have no clue what car you hate! hahahaha!!! But you seem to hate this one, probably change your mind once your inside! hahahaha! Tell us what car you hate! lol

  3. That is a stretched 599 that has been photoshoped .. and quite ugly.

  4. And looks way too much like the Maserati Kubang concept .. which is also very ugly.

  5. K: I think they should go back to the drawing board! hahaha

  6. MZeee,

    I don’t really hate any cars I’m just very picky !!! but this one is causing me too much frustration… not just coz it’s UGLY but it kills the essence of the exotic car… I was just telling a friend and the conversation or shall I say my rants started to have too much ism’s and izations so figure it out.. it got UGLY.. the rant.. well yeah and this car :P


    ur right…
    and UGLY is an understatement ;P

    I wish u got me an application from the “amazing race” ppl :P

  7. DiiGMaa: Yes it is ugly, but this car is causing you way too much frustration! hehehehe

  8. hahaha! I gotta love the hate for this car!

  9. hell if ferrari would create a hatchback i would buy it! its a ferrari at the end of the day.

  10. Yazeed:
    What I ranted on about for soooooo long and to so many .. u managed to sum up in one word !! mashallah 3alaik !!

    No u di’int just say that !! Plzzz take it back plzzz…

    I think if the designers of this car ever read this post they’d throw themselves infront of the car during the test drive !!! so saaaad so very very very saaaaad !!

  11. i will not!
    hmmm can u imagine a ferrari hatchback?

  12. DiiGMaa: I love the amount of hate this care has accumulated! hahahaha!! And its your expressiveness that makes it fantastic! And I agree after reading all these posts there is a tire for each designer to put his head under!

    Rampurple: Be the rebel and get this car! U can carry a surf board and outrun most cars on the road! hehehehe

  13. MZeee:
    That tire idea… all I could picture was flattened cartoons on a tared road :P I’ve been watching too much loony toons with my nieces !!
    and stop giving Ramps such diiiithhhpiccaaabbleee ideas *the toons have taken over officially*

    My eyes !! MY EYES !!! Farrari hatchback ?? No Nooo.. my poor eyes hurt just thinking of it !!
    Darling Plzzzzz it’s not too late.. just follow the light… follow the light…

  14. DiiGMaa: loooll!!! Now Rampurple has to get it and park it in front of your house .. so its in your view! I watching a little anime a bit ago! So I can understand the cartoon part! hehehehe

  15. weird… cud turn out to be interesting

  16. Brian

    I have seen this Ferrari SUV in Carmel, Indiana It was awesome and looks like the pics you see online. The one I saw was a burgandy color and it was 2 door. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how awesome this vehicle looked but yet I have never seen it and then I walked around it and saw the Ferrari logos on it and couldn’t believe my eyes. I wanted to ask the owner if I could see the inside and under the hood because I was carrying something out to it.

  17. Insolito

    As I understand it…this was a picture created to go along with an article Pertaining to Ferrari’s patent for a part time four wheel drive system. The picture is a Ferrarified Alfa Kamal concept. (a joke) The true patent applied to a traction control and not off road. It most likely means all wheal drive on the current front-engined models like the 612 Scaglietti and upcoming 600 coupe, as well any number of Maserati vehicals. So it is highly unlikely that you will see any Ferrari SUV anytime soon.

  18. jcb600 is so cool


    i think that it is made by ferrari so they must know wot the are

    doing!!! It must be good and it must catch on!!!

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