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Messy Morning!

So I’m off to a messy start. I woke up this morning tired as hell, because I just couldn’t get off the computer at night! I watched three episodes of Blood + (anime), and I just wanted to know what the hell was going to happen next and I have about 23 episodes I haven’t seen. But after I saw that it was 2:00am I knew I had to sleep to get up at 7:00am. I went to bed started reading my book, and I think I passed out around 2:30am.

When I woke up this morning it was hard as hell to move, my brain was issuing commands but nobody was acknowledging them! I was in a dilemma, but I also had this weird urge to have a mango. I don’t know why but I wanted a mango for breakfast, so I forced myself out of bed and went hunting for a mango when my eyes were still not used to the sun light! And I found one, went back to my room like Smeegal (Lord of the Rings), and just destroyed the mango, but I also put one in my pocket hehehehee. And I went at that one as well, to say that things got messy is an understatement! Its as if I woke up from a trance, and I was thinking “what the hell am I doing”. I got in the shower and I was laughing at how I was acting in the morning. And went to work, now that I am at work I got a lot of things done and I felt very productive. So then I was thinking I could probably go to Safat Alghanim and check out a few electronics and nobody would really miss me, just when I was thinking of leaving I get a call telling me I have to go to a meeting at 12:30pm! Damn it!!!! Almost escaped!! hehehehe!

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