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Review: Glory Road


This is based on a Basket Ball team in Texas. Its the Texas Western University Basketball team in the NCAA Division one basketball. The coach has his first try to take a team to the top. And this is all taking place in the 1966, and at the peak of racial America. The difference of color was really made known, and especially in Texas. They were facing a hard time with all the other teams, as well as the difficulty of facing racial America. At the time nobody was starting African Americans on basketball teams. They were always on reserve! But this coach Haskins was different! He didnt see color, all he saw was a basketball skills and how he could form a formidable team that could win. I think this movie had characters who had a great combination together, each one with his own struggle and complementing the other character. But then in the end they were all fighting for the championship as one team! It was great, and really enjoyable!

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Rating: r4.0.bmp

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