Wake Up Now!

This is how my morning usualy kicks off!

7:00am first alarm goes off – Warren G – Regulators starts playing

7:10am 2nd alarm Michael Jackson – You Rock My World starts palying (louder)

7:25am 3rd Alarm Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (long dance remix) and i slowly wake up..

then i see some light.. eat my Frosties.. get up shower and go to work around 8:00-8:20am.. that is the usual day..

not the other day.. Like usual i thought i was going to sleep through the first two.. i was wrong.. at 7 something my door opens.. and im half awake, then someone switchs the lights on and i jump out of bed because i hate that and it turns out to be my mother so I was shocked! Then she tells me she thought I was awake because of the music.. so I mute the sound.. and she switchs off the lights and i go back to sleep with no alarm going to work late..

She said she was half asleep walking thr ough the corridor and heard music! I was still asleep.. but just reacting! hahaha! How precious that 15 mins of extra sleep is!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. and those 15 mins are the best
    arent they :P

  2. Yazeed: Hell yeah they are!

    sexygoba: Yes she is!

  3. how do u get music to play like that? a special watch? computer? phone?

  4. im your total opposite. i sleep at a specific time, and wake up at a specific time, without needing any alarm. But if someone so much as makes a tiny sound and end up waking me, my whole sleep is messed and i have to start from scratch (restart my internal clock and set it back 8 hours) :p
    so yeah, ive missed plenty of appointments and classes becoz i “overslept”… heheheheh

  5. extinct: damn! U need to reset everytime for 8 hours! I cant do that! hahahaha! I just need to add 10 mins here.. 20 mins there.. and im set! And sound has no affect on me! hehehe! Light has a huge affect!

  6. You took me back to my US days. I used to set my stereo alarm to play the first song on the first CD..For fun, I used Nabeel sh3ail’s “Saba7 ilkhair ya emdallal” and actually got hooked on it :/ Good times. Good times ..

  7. lol
    hate waking up !!!
    workdays suck!
    thats why i didnt go to work today! im tired and I simply overslept couldnt stop hiting snoze!!

    any way to alll of u sleepers ;p nom al 3afya inshallah :D

  8. Cuteberry: hehehe! I need something a little bit more active!

    no3ik: hehehe who doesnt like sleeping!

  9. moe

    i used to do it as you do but then realize its a lot better to start the day with the recitation of the quran.

  10. Marzouq, that was before, now I wake up to “Sway remix”.. I dont walk my way to the restroom, I swaaaaaaaaaaaaay my way to it ;)

  11. Cuteberry: LOOOL! What ever gets you up, and you feel good about it!

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