Sidi Scorpion Boots


Motorcycling boots come in either racing or touring looks. They eight have a lot of protection or very little. This is motorcycle boot that Sidi got right, I know that it doesnt have the full protection that other boots have, but has good protection for the feet, its comfortable. Very good for a city type motorcycle boot which looks good and is functional towards motorcycling. You can feel the gear shifter without any problems and you still have a lot of protection around your feet. And the air vents on the boots keep you from getting too warm. Im going to try to get me a pair of these at a later point. Right now Im happy with what I have, I need to post those up as well.


Price: $170

Link: Sidi Scorpion

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Funky boots….can i wear them to work…:)

  2. Maze: you could, and you could kick somebody and it wouldnt hurt! hehehe! I think they are really slick and sporty looking!

  3. moocherx

    please explain: “You can feel the shiter without any problems” You wear these in the bathroom?

  4. moocherx: hahahaha! Thanks moocherx I meant shifter! hehehe!

    Laialy: I dont think these would fit into your collection, but you would be surprised they are pretty nice in real life!

  5. I wanna kick some customers asses baddddd!!!!

  6. Rabie

    These look cool & practical. Im ordering them. Thanks for the info.

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