1st Amazon Order


So the other day I was taking a look at my order to figure out what custom is holding. Then I saw a link say history of what I bought in 2000, and then I thought that was the first time I bought off of amazon, I wonder why I did that at the time but it was something odd at the time for me.

I bought two things I was looking for and couldnt find:

  • Craig David –  Born to Do it
  • Usher – My Way

I still enjoy both of these CDs.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Actually they were great CDs and I still enjoy listening to them also.

  2. Craig David continues to take the top rankings on my iTunes :P

  3. Jacqui: same here!

    3baid: chill songs.. always hit the spot for me!

  4. ofcourse u do…Craig David is the best 9ara7a..:)..specially “rise and fall”..my best song..and u know..i think he is handsome although many of my friends do not agree with me! :)

  5. Ushers CD is a gonbillaaaaaaaaah (bomb)
    hands down he hasn’t topped that CD yet in my book

  6. heh my first order was 6 days before you, November 10th! It was also bunch of cds. I had to pay 90$ customs in Lebanon when i got them!

    # 1 of: Loa Project 2
    Sold by: Amazon.com
    # 1 of: The Mirror Conspiracy
    Sold by: Amazon.com
    # 1 of: Tourist
    Sold by: Amazon.com
    # 1 of: Eighteenth Street Lounge Soundtracks (Jet Society)
    Sold by: Amazon.com
    # 1 of: Suzuki
    Sold by: Amazon.com
    # 1 of: Om Lounge 2
    Sold by: Amazon.com
    # 1 of: Blues Project [IMPORT]
    Sold by: Amazon.com
    # 1 of: Abductions & Reconstructions
    Sold by: Amazon.com
    # 1 of: G-Stoned
    Sold by: Amazon.com
    # 1 of: Conversions: A K&D Selection
    Sold by: Amazon.com

  7. Smartee: its his attitude which is cool! And his songs are pretty damn good!

    Laialy: I agree, its been a while since he came out with a cd like that!

    Mark: damn $90! you ordered six days before me! hahahaha nice! I was in the states at the time! It was easy as hell!

  8. Good choice man…but i prefer Madonna…:P

  9. MAZE: hehehe thanks, Madonna has her moments! hehe

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