Gmail Updates


Small Fine updates which have made using it great.

  • Now when you forward something to someone, you can forward the whole conversation instead of just that one message.
  • And replying now has become smarter, so if someone replies while your replying it shows up on your screen as message updated. So you wont send something that might have already been sent. It happened to me today and I think its great!
  • The reply button has a nice image next to it, and its located at the top and bottom, not just the bottom like before. And there are other options with that reply at the top.
  • Updates for GTalk as well, if someone disconnects while your chatting on GTalk they still see what you were typing after they reconnect. So it seems like there is a buffer, I think thats a great feature

After using Gmail for all this time, I think its great. And its fantastic that they are improving on an already great product. I have been trying Yahoo and Hotmail the last couple of weeks for testing purporses but I have had issues with both regarding loading, email interaction, and confirmations. So right now gmail is my favorite and I cant stop using it.

Link: Gmail Updates

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  1. I love it, try accessing Gmail thru a Web Application on your fone and you get a link “Get Faster GMail” or something like that and download the App. I tried it today and it’s AMAZING!

  2. i know you could use labels but i like the idea of folders
    so far, i like gmail but i would like it more if it had folders

  3. Best feature of all: it’s reliable and robust.

  4. Jacqui: sweet! I will try that out later!

    Laialy: I do like the ideas of folders, but they trying to go a different route!

    3baid: Exactly!

  5. The last one happens with msn too.. you get msgs that you missed when you reconnect..

    I wanna try gmail and gtalk but no one i know uses it, theyr all on msn..

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