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Riding Thursday After Work




To start off the day it wasn’t too bad going to work since it was cold and crisp! I put my laptop in my back pack and headed off to work. It seemed sunny from my window. The one thing that I didnt see until I was riding was the heavy fog and I have to say that its a bit freaky not being able to see, and the streets were a bit damp so I was taking it easy while I was riding, and since I could only see so much in front of me I was playing it very safe and looking beind me as well so I could avoid any idiots thinking the road was empty.

After finishing up work I took to the Gulf road and I just wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather! The cold weather with this sunny light couldn’t get any better. I started the on the Gulf Road from Shuweikh and took it all the way to Marina Cresent for my first stop. I think I like stopping there because its a bike friendly mall and extremly nice setting just to relax for a bit before continuing the ride.


There was a crowd at Marina Cresent with a big event, it seemed like NBK was there and Wataniya so I just stopped for a quick bottle of water.

When I stopped it was the first time I see three Honda CBR 1000RRs, and there was a brand new black one which was very nice. I really like Japanese bikes but in Kuwait the companies that sell them don’t have good service so Im not into them that much. I especially liked the black one since it was clean and new, Im just hoping the owner doesnt damage the bike. It hurts to see a damaged bike or someone who doesn’t take care of their bike. It was a nice ride after work and then I headed home to sit with the family before lunch.










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