Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano


I think the 599 is one the best looking Ferraris currently out there and the Hamann modifications have turned this into one beautiful machine. Im not a huge fan of Ferrari, but I do appreciate the great work they put into their cars, and I have a sweet spot for this 599. Amazing.. just amazing.








Link: SeriousWheels

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  1. wai7a qalbee!!! *speechless* !

    i think it just made a pass at me!!! ;)

  2. I would take one without the side/wing .. the rest is good ;)

  3. Purely amazing!

    But still .. have a look at the 612 ! :/

  4. MSB: hehehe! I think its lookin your way!

    K: The Sideskirt isnt bad looking, but its still one hawt car!

    fayoora: I like the 612 too, but 599 just feels different, there is just something about it that I can’t describe!

  5. i dont like it!
    they keep changing it?
    kinda looks like a bit long porsche.
    my fav is the old classic ferrarris. 9ig ferrari.
    lol the fron view looks kinda stupid to.

  6. no3ik: what are you talking about!!!! hehehe! It looks great and its different! I like some classic ferraris not all! Some of them were really annoying!

  7. Financy

    wooow ..

    i keep seeing one in kuwait .. its smoke silver .. with red interior .. BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLL !!!! PERFECTION !!

    i hate the hamann version .. i prefer the stock ferraris .. they shouldnt be touched .

    i am a straight guy .. but if the guy whos driving the smoke silver one .. hit on me on the streets .. i would pull over and take his number :$ .. 3ashan yrakebny feehah :p

  8. Financy: Yeah its a beautiful car. I like the Hamann version since it looks more aggressive. hahahahhahahaha! Damn the 599 is turning you!

    MAZE: loooool! Who doesnt really!

  9. Amazing!

    I think Ferraries look soo much better with front mounted engines! I think any car looks better with a front mounted engine!

  10. MacaholiQ8: zain zain!

    No3ik: hehehehe

    Stallion: It depends which car, but sure looks damn good for this car! hehehe

  11. i grew up in dubai reside in DC now where u guys from

  12. ....M6--KING.BMW

    I wonder how much it would cost someone to take there ferraries to hamman cuz they charge a bunch for beemers

  13. Olivier Jardine

    Ferraris would look great with a mid engine sports car, add to that a longer hood and voila worlds most beutifullll car…

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