Scorpion EXO-700 Rivet


My Scorpion Helmet has arrived and its one hell of a beauty. I like it because its got the same interior as my Matt Black Scorpion Helmet, so I have no problems with the fitting. Its just going to be good putting the helmet on riding around. Its comfortable around the cheeks, and I already switched the clear visor for the dark visor. What I like about these helmets is that you can take the inner lining out of the helmet and wash it. Which gives it a nice clean feeling when putting it on. I like the pattern on the helmet and matte finish it has, it gives it a different look which I like. I just hope the wind dies down a bit over the next couple of days.








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  1. Cute UAE

    It’s sooo smooth…worth all the waiting…mabroooooook ya’khi!!!

    and remember remember everytime u wear it with your bionic 6 knee protectors *or whatever its called* to pose like a Bionic 6 warrior because that will give u SUPER Powers!!!!!

    (the pose? u raise ur left hand high up in the sky, above ur head, as if u punched someone up….with your right hand in the punch mode too but punching lightly your left wrist…make sure ur right hand is almost at a 90 degrees angle…and scream out “BIONIC 6!”)

    adri adri!!! u won’t make urself a foooooooool!!!! But it’s fun!!! especially inshallah in the near future when u’r nephew will ask for a ride with you!!! He’ll believe that his uncle has super powers and will tell everyone in KG….pick him up from school one day and check out the stares in their eyes!!!


    ……and that’s u in jeans!!! awwwe!! :P

  2. WOW
    mashalah mashalah tf tf tf
    looks liek a shining penny
    very very hot!! wallah 9ig
    i wanna wear it hehehehe
    3laik bl 3afyaaa

    so most ppl get badla3 al 3eeed, dishdashat al 3eeed bs not the maaaz guy :p
    ur the 5oothat al 3eed ;)

  3. wlol @ khothat el 3eed :)
    mashallah 7adda 3ajeeeebbbb woww, red & black is my favorite combination! 3alaik bel 3afyaaaa !

  4. Cute UAE: thanks! looool! To get the Bionic 6 super powers now that would be cool! And yup thats me in jeans! hehehe!

    no3ik: looool! alah e3afeech! You can wear it if you want! khoothat el 3eed! I like that! hehehe! I will be wearing it for 3eed! hehehe

    EniGma: alah e3afeech! I like this combination as well, I’m looking for a bike with that combination but I’m having a hard time deciding!

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