Airoh TR1


This a new helmet from Airoh, and it really caught my eye because I really wouldn’t be able to wear this type of helmet without busting up laughing. Airoh is an Italian company so they are pretty creative, and this reminds me too much of a fighter pilot helmet and I would be reminising about Top Gun with Tom Cruise and the music of Top Gun playing in the background. I just thought that its a cool looking retro helmet, but its just not for me. I wan’t a fighter pilot looking helmet, but not right now.

This helmet is made for scooter riders in Italy and the chin bar can be disconnected, I just thought it looked different and all I can picture in my head is someone sitting in on a scooter making sounds of a fighter jet plane.

Link: Airoh

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  1. if my memory has not let me down, i don’t remember Tom wearing a helmet in top gun all he had was the aviator sunglasses on, right?

  2. Laialy: well if he was he would be wearing something like this! hehehehe

  3. blindumbler

    Is there any stores in Los Angeles, California where i could purchase this AIROH TR1 helmet????

  4. blindumbler: They have to have a dealer in the states.

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