Rediculous Night


It has been one hell of a night, I had a late night meeting with an engineer and I finished that up before the guys came over.

The craziest thing was seeing who ate and didn’t eat chocolate, I kept my eye on the bag that was being attacked before and after dinner. I have to say that it seems people like chocolate, I had three Bounty bars, am I putting on weight? Maybe, but I felt damn good eating that Bounty. I know I need to loose weight after a week like this! Just rediculous, and damn funny.

We watched The Marine which has to be one of the funniest action movies I have seen in a while, we were all laughing because it was so orchestrated and this guy just couldn’t die and he was noting short of indestructible. It was a good night!

Tomorrow I’m going to be riding to work, and the only thing thats going to stop me is rain and nothing else! I want to ride! I also need to get a shave because my beard has gotten rediculous and its just uncalled for! So I’m looking forward to that.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Missy-theoriginal

    Ssssshhhhhoocolllaah…Oh La La!! Yum…

    I had chocolate too today… In the office, at home and after dinner and now I can’t sleep…Bleh!

    It’s interesting how you men eat chocolate as much as we do. You gossip as much as we do, you whine as much as we do… its just women are always criticized :P off to ZZZzzz….

  2. nice taste !! bounty is my favorite its soo yummy

    if be fine if chocolate was never invented, i need to start going to the gym now ;p

  3. bounty is my favorite too! not many like it

  4. Nora-Cassandra

    I eat some chocolate and candies only on Saturdays. So does my daughter. We call it the Candy Day! My mum taught me that when I was a kid and so am I teaching my daughter of self control. I think it’s good for health and teeth! And she get to appreciate the candies and chocolates given to her! By the way Chips (Crisps) go to that day too!

    So how many ate of the chocolate bag?

    It seems you had a fanny but nice evening. That’s nice!

    I hope you got to ride to work this morning. So did you?

  5. Cute UAE

    Salaaam 3alek MarzouQ!!!

    I read once a research about Chocolates and Chocoholics!!! hehehe!! they tried to find other means to satisfy the chocoholics…they were put into 3 groups: 1-got fed cocoa powder, 2-got fed chocolate milkshake, 3-got fed sweets…..they discovered non of those got satisfied as much as those who got the actual chocolate bar! And after the biological research they discovered that only the “chocolate” that discretes in the human body the same hormone that “those in love” discrete!!!!

    That’s why after a relationship break-up girls and sometimes guys end up eating chocolates without realizing that they are usually substituting that “in love” feeling with chocolates!

    One of the guys told me that he heard that that hormone exists in the elbow! >

  6. Cute UAE

    Oh man!!!!!!
    my entry got cropped!!!!

  7. Cute UAE

    here goes the rest!!! ;-

  8. Cute UAE

    MarzouQ!!!! HELP!!!!!!! there it goes again!
    It got cropped!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  9. Missy-theoriginal

    Nora!!! That’s what we used to do with my nephews and niece. They weren’t allowed to eat chocolate everyday- it was only on weekends and on special occasions or when we wanted to reward them! You’re right, they developed self-control mashallah and are very disciplined. They also appreciate chocolate more… I would love to do that with my kids one day.

    Moi’s favorites:

    Cadbury milk chocolate bar with nuts
    Hersheys cookies-n-cream
    and Minstrels!

    I just love breaking and eating the outer shell of minstrels first and then melt the chocolate in my mouth… YUMMMM!!!!

    Oh yes!!! And AERO!!! (Is that how it’s spelled?) The flat one? not the thick one with bubbles aw madri shino…n e way: Put it in the microwave 1 minute!!! …. Voila! Aero-a-la-fondu… And I usually dip pop corn in it…

    EEEEYYYAAAA!!!!! I’m gonna go eat chocolate this very instant!!!

  10. Missy: No gossip really, we are just clowning on each other and the chocolate was being devoured! hehehe! Men devour everything in front of them! loooool! Because of us your going to attack the chocolate! hehehe

    BLaSha:loool! it shall be gone! hehehe

    Amo0ora: I need to hit the gym too!

    Fonzy: Yup its good!

    Nora: It was a funny night, and teaching a kid to control the intake of chocolate is extremely good. Teaches self control! Certain days for ceratin things!

    Cute UAE: looool! From the elbow, I dont know about that, but you do see women liking chocolate more then anyone else! I dont know how it got cropped but I got it up! hehehe

  11. rakan


    could you please tell me min wain ma5eth il9ora cuz shakla almokan wayeeed 7ilo :)


  12. Rakan: Its from google images, I was searching “lounge” or “lounges”, and these are one of the images I got!

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