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JD Power Helmet Satisfaction 2006



Whats great over time manufacturers have managed to give better helmets for the same price or lower. I have seen the progress of helmets and they have only gotten better. From this ranking I have both the top two helmets which is Arai and Scorpion, I have two Arais and two Scorpions and I am extremely happy with both. The only other one I would purchase other then those two would be Shoei because I’m sure of the build quality and they have some very interesting designs.

One day I plan to get a custom painted helmet, but as of right now I have no clue what I want the design to be since its something I would stick to for a while. Right now I’m enjoying all the designs the helmet manufacturers come up with. So my recommendation for a helmet is between the three Arai, Scorpion, and Shoei. You are better off buying the helmet from the local dealer to try the helmet on and make sure of it, if you know an online retailer who you are sure of then purchase from them. For example you can only buy Arai from the local dealer since they don’t allow selling online, but Shoei and Scorpion you can purchase online but only if its a size and model you have tried and are sure of.

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