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Day Spent



So I went a little while trying to clear one level in Lost Planet and I had a lot VSes (Big Robots) around to fight with but damn there were so many monster that kept showing up. It was all about the approach, and I kept figuring out which monster hides where and towards the end I was figuring out which weapon was most effective. There were times where I had to eject from my machine and runaway as well as shooting the monster. It was a game of cat and mouse, and I was getting killed numerous times. After playing for hours on the same level I thought it would be best to stop playing for a little while and come back later since I knew all the places of the good VSes and where the big monsters where staying. When I tried to get up, I couldn’t my knees were stuck and it hurt like hell to get up but I did.


I went upstairs and burned some DVDs to watch later at my cousins pad and I decided to get a shave and my head shaved. After doing that for 25 minutes I went back downstairs and finished the one part that I repeated 5 times to go to the next stage. I did it very well and I went through it strategically without sacrificing too many of the VSes. i was happy with my results and off to the next boss which I paused to watch some anime. I just started Chrono Crusade which I plan to finish since I have the box series and I know its good, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it and I know its good.

Then I got on the bike and head over to get my haircut and then later on to my cousin’s pad to watch some of the DVDs I burnt.

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