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The Switch


So today was my last day with the Ducati Classic Sport 1000 going to work in it. Then I went over to Tristar after a couple of ours at work to switch the Ducati for the BMW F 800 S since its the other try bike and my Robo is still in the garage since the part has yet to arrive from Germany.

This is one different looking motorcycle, and F 800 S is sporty but it has a high stance to it. I was also checking out the other new motorcycles they had in the showroom, they also had a very nice looking black K1200S, but it would look even better with a black frame. I have to say that I really do enjoy looking at motorcycles no matter how many times I have seen them. Its just so much damn fun.

I got the bike started and I knew it was a belt drive with is something new for me. I have heard good things about this bike, and it does take some getting used to. I got used to the suspension of the Ducati which gives a lot of feedback, so it took some adjusting getting used to the BMW telelever forks since they handle amazingly yet you don’t get complete feel for the road. I have to say that I trusted this bike while riding and you get a reward. For its height I thought I would have to wrestle it through the corners but it seems to be going fine. It was an enjoyable first ride on this bike for sure.







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