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Ducati 1098 vs. 1098S


Alot of people keep asking me the question so I would make a short post about the difference between the two machines to justify the financial difference, just so you know what your getting:


  • Showa Suspension
  • Showa Steering Dampener
  • Cast Marchesini Rims


  • Ohlins Suspension
  • Ohlins Steering Dampner
  • Forged Marchesini Rims (Lighter)
  • Carbon Fiber Front End

Same Engine for both machines.


With the lighter rims and carbon fiber front end the unsprung weight is reduced, and with the superior Ohlins suspension it handles better, that is why it is designated as the “S” model for sport.
If you go these upgrades for the 1098 as the components as already included in the 1098S, it would definately be more expensive.

1098 Cost: 6000KD

1098S Cost: 8200KD

Seperatly the Ohlins shocks on their own would cost 2000KD without installation and the forged Marchesini rims cost 1000KD a piece which would amount for a total of 4000 KD. So the 2200 KD between the standard model and the “S” model is very much justified.

I would also throw in a full Termignoni System into as well since it t is a nice 12 bhp bump and has all the pieces to complement the motorcycle.