Ducati 1098 vs. 1098S


Alot of people keep asking me the question so I would make a short post about the difference between the two machines to justify the financial difference, just so you know what your getting:


  • Showa Suspension
  • Showa Steering Dampener
  • Cast Marchesini Rims


  • Ohlins Suspension
  • Ohlins Steering Dampner
  • Forged Marchesini Rims (Lighter)
  • Carbon Fiber Front End

Same Engine for both machines.


With the lighter rims and carbon fiber front end the unsprung weight is reduced, and with the superior Ohlins suspension it handles better, that is why it is designated as the “S” model for sport.
If you go these upgrades for the 1098 as the components as already included in the 1098S, it would definately be more expensive.

1098 Cost: 6000KD

1098S Cost: 8200KD

Seperatly the Ohlins shocks on their own would cost 2000KD without installation and the forged Marchesini rims cost 1000KD a piece which would amount for a total of 4000 KD. So the 2200 KD between the standard model and the “S” model is very much justified.

I would also throw in a full Termignoni System into as well since it t is a nice 12 bhp bump and has all the pieces to complement the motorcycle.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lfc-q8

    z for some one who dosent know ducaties whould he know the diffrence? for looks only
    is it easy lets say for me to get a duci 1098 and add the S sticker and park next to urs?

  2. Sin

    lfc-q8: if you did that, the guy would go like “Why is the colour of the suspension different?”;p…

  3. I did know the S stands for sport! And I think your bike 1098S is a dangerous piece for who doesn’t know that it really needs good handling! It could practically fly comparing to the 1098, which is bit safer if you are new to bikes and know you might not resist trying the limits!

    Thanks for the information! I don’t think I could ever handle such bike as 1098s!! I’m too small for that (I mean by size)! ;) I’m sure you’re flying around with it though! I wish I could see it in action mean real action (over 250 k/h)!!!

  4. lfc-q8: you could tell by the suspension, the ohlin shocks are gold while the showas are silver. but its true, no person who loves ducatis would ever do that.

    Sin: you got it!

    Nora: I think you would be fine, any bike would be bad in the wrong hands! I will be hitting the 300 mark soon! hehehe, as soon as I get the parts I want!

  5. Dario

    I think you have forgotten one important thing in your calculations, that would make it less favourable in that you would have a full set of rims and suspension which would be brand new that you could sell.

    So, the true cost is really the difference in price between the showa and ohlins, and the two sets of rims more than the additional cost over the 1098 model of ohlins.

    Probably still cheaper….. if someone could be bothered to work it out?

  6. Rico

    Marzouq: You are 100% correct when you said ” no person who loves ducatis would ever do that. ” VERY VERY TRUE … Anyone who knows what they are looking at would pick up on the differences. As an owner of a 1098s Let me make one small correction to what “Z” posted. Only the front fender is Carbon Fiber not the whole front end. Wt. Difference very small. There are 2 other diffrences between the 1098 and the 1098s. First the 1098s comes with the Data Acusition Chip and software ( $200 USD ) both are totaly wired for it form the factory. And the other difference is totally cosmetic but still a diffrence.. The fasteners that hold the body work on are satin black on the “S” and just a normal gray on the standardl 1098. And jsut a gee wiz the wt. difference between the Forged and the Cast wheels is 2 lbs each.. Ready the magazines and the combination wheels and Suspension between the two makes a huge difference. And the Termignoni system, that includes a re-mapped ECU, and a upgraded air filter.. WOW What a difference…..

  7. Ago

    “is it easy lets say for me to get a duci 1098 and add the S sticker and park next to urs?”
    No because you must have a job to afford one. If you don’t understand the differences why would you pose for the unknowing public? Anyone who knew would immediately know you were a poser idiot, and anyone who didn’t…well they would probably pick up on that in any one of a number of other ways – propeller hat for example.

    “1098S is a dangerous piece for who doesn’t know that it really needs good handling! ”

    Great point. Obviously a better handling machine is going to be more dangerous than an inferior handling machine, when otherwise they are identical. Bet you are an Engineer.

    “you would have a full set of rims and suspension which you could sell.Probably still cheaper….. if someone could be bothered to work it out?”

    If you are basing your decision to buy one of these bikes on price, perhaps you should look at Hyousung. I think you could put an S sticker on it too, and sve a ple of cash.

  8. shawn berkeridge

    the standard 1098 is more than enough motorcycle for anyone in this blog.if a person wants to fork over the extra skins
    for the 1098s so be it.but if your not road racing on a regular basis,what’s the point?i took the difference and slapped on the full termi exhaust,rear sets,carbon front fender, speedy moto clutch parts,and a fender eliminator kit.so for about the same money i got a bike that is way more sexy than the 1098s.and if i’m not pimpn it around the homestead,im burnin up the twisties,no chicken strip on this bitch.the ohlins suspension does look badass though.

  9. James

    I have a 1098 wearing Ohlin FG R&T Forks ($2,500.00) with upgraded valving ($260.00) and springs ($80.00), Out back I have a TTX36 ($1,200.00) with a new spring ($150.00). I also exchanged the steering dampener with an Ohlins unit ($450.00).

    That’s $4,490.00 bringing the cost to $20,485.00 which is $510.00 cheaper than an S and probably wearing 60-70% better suspension.

    On top of that I’m selling my stock suspension for around $1,600.00 – $1,800.00. Once that is sold I’ll buy the lighter wheels for $2,100.00. So you pay the same price for the 1098 or 1098s for a racing or street bling Ducati.

    You can’t go wrong buying either bike. For the street bling it’s the 1098s….. for us CMRA racers it’s save the money and put Ohlins racing suspension on a 1098.

    So far no one has come up to me and said….. man you only got a 1098? :) And no one even notices the upgraded suspension except ducati lovers and my fellow racers.


  10. paul whittaker

    Hey currently making that chioce now which to buy 1098 or 1098s for extra $5,000 only going to ride on nice days no racing or track but still think i’am going for the 1098s.
    Is this the right chioce pay the extra even know i don’t really need it….

  11. yat lee

    Hi, just read all the article, i own a 1098 standard. The baby is really beautiful, the shape, line and most of all the eyes on the headlamp. Yes, the gold forks look a bit neater, however, if attention is all you need, the bike say it all, with or without fancy sticker and bling bars. It like having a woman with triple DDDDDD cup which you don’t know wether to use one hand or two. I much a perfect handfull. But i will say, i have applied a Ohlins stickers on the forks, steering amd rear cyclinder just to give it the finishing touches. you have to look classy not tarty, as they say it got a touch of elegance not easy.

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