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Bloglines vs. Google Reader


When I first started reading blogs I would just save all the tabs I would have open while reading the blogs in Firefox, and it drove me nuts when it crashed but I was happy I had saved the tabs and I would load it everytime to check if there was anything new!

After a little while I stumbled onto Bloglines and it really helped organize what I was reading but sometimes it wouldn’t update saying that a website is unreachable but it would work after a bit. A few months after I started using Bloglines, GoogleReader started working and I tested both of them out for the past three months.

I usually like to support the little guy, but Google did such an amazing job with the functionality of Google Reader.

What I liked:

  • You can add a new bog very simply up top.
  • It refreshes constantly, and you can manually refresh all the feeds, the moment a post is made Google Reader doesnt’ miss it.
  • Both blog readers provide post previews, but when looking a preview on Google Reader it shows the text, pictures, and video, but with Bloglines it only shows you the text. Also the previews on Google Reader load faster then Bloglines even though the Bloglines preview is only text.
  • Google Reader has a lot of tools for all the posts, more then Bloglines.

Overall I really enjoyed using both, but Google Reader won me over right away, even after all the testing and waiting for it to make a mistake.


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