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Review: Hot Fuzz


This movie is from Simon Pegg who also did Shaun of the Dead, it is a story of a ace Police Officer from London moved to the most peaceful town in the United Kingdom. Simon Pegg plays this cop and is obssessed with being a Police Officer, he knows nothing but being a Police Officer. The way he goes about things in this movie is great, and the comedy slowly builds up. He is relocated to this strange but peaceful town and things seem odd to him, and his partner is the same partner from Shaun of the Dead. Things keep on getting stranger and stranger with the accidents taking place in this town and he is the only one that sees something in the patter, his partner is complete idiot and its fun watching. The movie is a little longer then I expected, but very entertaining, this is purely British comedy that crosses borders, and it is one of the most entertaining movies I have seen in awhile and its a really worth seeing, when the pace picks up it just keeps getting funnier.


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