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Review: Blue Planet & Planet Earth



This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, I heard about them a lot but I thought what was so great about them. I picked up these DVDs from the UK so I got the BBC version of this documentary. I started watching this as soon as I got back from Kuwait and after finishing all the volumes. The commentary is great throughout the whole documentary, and the visuals are nothing short of exquisite. I was mesmerized by what I was seeing, and I thought I knew a bit about the planet and the ocean but I was completely wrong, I have realized there is so much to see and so many beautiful places. There is a lot of areas covered in these DVDs, and you just go through the whole world sitting in your seat but you don’t feel like your sitting in your place, you feel that you are there going through every moment and feeling its amazing. I can’t recommend this enough to everyone, its fantastic.