Review: Alpha Dog


This is a true story about some young guys in California playing mobsters and gangsters. It is based on Jesse James who was the youngest drug dealer to be on the FBIs most wanted list. Johnny Truelove is the main character who plays the tough guy out on the West Coast, and one of his close friends is Frankie (Timberlake) and they are living the high life. Until one point Johnny kidnaps the little brother of a guy who owes him money. With different turn of events they befriend the kidnapped boy, but things are clear as to how they are going to turn out. This movie is better then I expected, and as it keeps going it gets better. I really wasn’t expecting it to turn into this type of crime drama, and things build up towards the end.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I haven’t seen any movies for a very long time!! I need to have a good break and watch something! I haven’t even seen 300!! I can’t believe I’m killing myself again school, gym, work, work and more work!!!
    I didn’t see 24 season 6 not Prison Break season 2 yet!! Can you believe it!???

  2. Nora: wow!! You need to take a break and enjoy those movies! Seriously, you need to watch 300 and other movies as well! You also need to watch 24 and Prison Break! I need to watch Prison Break!

  3. I watched half and couldnt finish..

    hmmm maybe i shud finish it..

  4. i wanted to see the movie because JT was in it and i wanted to see if he could act, but the story behind it is not that appealing

  5. Beyond Q8iya: yeah, I just had to finish it.

    Laialyq8: loooool! I found it interesting,

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