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Review: Sicko


Michael Moore has done it again with this documentary movie jumping right into the American Health System. He wants to know the people affected by the American Health System which is run by the Health Insurance Companies. I have to say that he does bring in some really interesting information as to how these Insurance companies operate and what legnths they go to, to make sure they get their way. He also brings into play people who have been negatively affected by it and what the system does to make things this way in the US. The interesting part is that lightly skims over other health systems in other countries which is a different aspect compared to the American Health system. The one thing I felt it was lacking information to round it off, fine you hear stories about people hurt by the American Health System but there is more dirt there that he didn’t jump into yet, and comparing it just to the nice parts of other systems isn’t good enough in my opinion. Overall its a movie worth watching, but he could have done a better job with more research.

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