Review: Sicko


Michael Moore has done it again with this documentary movie jumping right into the American Health System. He wants to know the people affected by the American Health System which is run by the Health Insurance Companies. I have to say that he does bring in some really interesting information as to how these Insurance companies operate and what legnths they go to, to make sure they get their way. He also brings into play people who have been negatively affected by it and what the system does to make things this way in the US. The interesting part is that lightly skims over other health systems in other countries which is a different aspect compared to the American Health system. The one thing I felt it was lacking information to round it off, fine you hear stories about people hurt by the American Health System but there is more dirt there that he didn’t jump into yet, and comparing it just to the nice parts of other systems isn’t good enough in my opinion. Overall its a movie worth watching, but he could have done a better job with more research.

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  1. “The interesting part is that lightly skims over other health systems in other countries..”

    Oh wow, so his movie did mention other countries…and here I thought it was very USA-centered from start to finish. Did he mention any countries that have an excellent health system?

  2. I believe he mentioned the UK’s health system , which is known as the NHS.. He made it seem that the NHS is the ultimate health care system but this is not true. I am a student doing dentistry and I work in an NHS Hospital.. It’s so disgraceful. The waiting list is so long, It may take up to 3 years for an appointment to do a filling. The equipment are not up to date, where the US and even Kuwait is well ahead of us in terms of quality of equipments and instruments..

    I think he was supposed to stick to what he knows rather than jumping to other health care systems where he’s not aware of the big picture …

    Small mistake but I think it would affect his credibility ..

  3. Insurance companies are business companies and we all know business is all about the money! They can *try* to care but they can never do enough because if they did they would run out of business! I wanna see that movie!

  4. Laialy: its worth watching!

    Angelo: yup, he does talk about other health systems but only skimming it and making them look good, not thuroughly done!

    Chroma-Trauma: Well said, the NHS isn’t everything he makes it out to be. Alot of people wait for months maybe years for normal appointments.

    N: Its worth watching, but what they do should be considered inhumane, thats the problem.

  5. Duckie

    He compared the American Health system to that of Canada, UK and Cuba. Although frankly speaking UK’s health system gets just as bad at times, specifically in London where it is extremely commercialized (bsibat il 3arab 6ab3an hehehe)

  6. Duckie: you are correct with that assement! He doesn’t give the right assesment for the health systems.

  7. ceturners

    I just finished viewing Sicko. While we truly live in the best country in the world, we are falling behind in many areas. The truth is, our government is corrupt to no end. Another fact, “The Fear Factor” has us afraid of our government. The government should be afraid of us. We don’t believe their lies, we’re just afraid to let them know. What will it take for Americans to get MAD enough to live free. We are all slaves to a few. No one should die or suffer because of a lack of money in the richest country in the world.

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