Online Photography Tools

I tend to take a lot of pictures and I’m always tweaking them, and sometimes I like to use filters to mess around with the pictures. This list is huge with lots of different tools to try out, I recommend this list to anyone who likes pictures or working with pictures. Some of the tools people already know, but some are really useful.

Online Resources

  • Online photo editors
  • Photo sharing sites
  • Free photo hosting
  • Photography blogs
  • Mashups
  • Photo printing
  • Helps

Link: Mashable

Link: Lifehacker

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  1. online resources are not strong and professional enough, other then photo sharing and hosting. Personally speaking online editor sux big time.

  2. sam: I agree with you to a certain degree but not everyone is a professional, I like using Abode Photoshop but some people find it really confusing so these tools would be useful for them.

    mathew: thats a cool link, I was messing around with it for a while!

  3. “mashable”!!! thats just sounds cool
    i.e. i am mashable

  4. Laialy: loooooooool! U do like those words! hehe

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