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The Walk Around


Yesterday was a funny day, after thinking about it I went to a couple of areas a couple of times during the day for different purposes but it was really funny.

  • Home -> Shuweikh
  • Shuweikh -> City
  • City -> Shuweikh
  • Shuweikh -> Hawally
  • Hawally -> Shuweikh
  • Shuweikh -> Home
  • Home -> Hawally
  • Hawally -> Shuweikh
  • Shuweikh -> Home

When ever I went to any of those areas I was walking around a lot, in the City I had to walk a lot to find damn parking. Shuweikh was a lot of walking as well but its because I only have cell phone service outside the building so I pace when I’m on the phone. In Hawally I had a meeting but then I was in Ibn Khaldoon to do a lot of walking between all the stores, its a lot of fun.

I’m just happy I managed to finish a lot of tasks during the whole day on top of all the hectic meetings and I still kept doing things after work. Then I went over to my brothers place to hang out for the rest of the day.