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Gridskipper, the decadent urban travel guide. Scouring the globe for chic hotels, hot restaurants, sweet nightlife, and pretty people.

As I was surfing the net I came across Gridskipper which is an online urban travel guide, it gives you information on an area that only a local would know and that no travel guide can help with. When going through the information on cities that I know very well it turned out the information is very up to date and gives you really good details. They give you the ins & outs of cities with details of the hips places and they are constantly updating. I think this is a great website whenever visiting a major city.

Whats great is that whenever there is an entry or information about a new place they visited its always attached to Google maps interactive image, so you can click it as if Google Maps is on your desktop just by clicking the entry, I think thats a great feature. Those Google maps are only there when the city has it covered, they went to Dubai but it doesn’t seem in depth. There are some really good tips though, I found a good comic book store to go to in New York when I pass by there again.

Link: gridskipper

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