Marina Stop


I was packing on Friday morning after my early morning meeting and it was a late afternoon flight so I decided to go visit some family before leaving. I called up one of my friends who I remembered was going to go Marina for an late morning breakfast so I decided to meet them up after my stops. It was such a nice day to be out and there were lots of families, and lots of kids running around. I got a something called to drink while I was with the guys and the whole conversation revoleved around Halo 3 for the 40 minutes I was there, then I had to head back to pack up. The day was cooler when I got up around 8 and it got hotter towards 11 but still it is getting nicer to be outside these days.








A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ya 7atheeek bel marina :P 3aleek bel 3afya !

  2. PQ yum!

    my dad has the exact same “n3al” u have on :D

  3. You are taking too may lef/feet snaps! This isnt the first time :-P
    and 3alaik bel3afia.. le pain quotidian breakfast hmmmmm!

  4. n3alek mo 7elwa :S

    o shloon rakeb saikal o labes dishdasha o n3aal ?!

  5. he didnt say he was riding! plus the first pic is clearly taken from the inside of a car :-P

  6. Sushi

    O Goodie, comfortable slippers just like Hush Puppies! =) It looked like a nice day mashallah. I miss Marina Crescent and nice weather in Kuwait.

  7. loco: alah e3afeech!

    Laialy: it was a great day!

    Ms. D: looool! Comfortable n3al!

    Ansam: alah e3afeech, and i didn’t get the snaps part!

    pearls: looool! No I drove!

    Murqab: Simple and comfortable!

    Ansam: loool!

    ananyah: yup!

    Sushi: It was very nice! These are Campers and very comfortable!

  8. typoooossssss i meant you take too many snaps of feet huh?

  9. Ansam: looool! Why not as I am walking I look down sometimes! hehe

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