Crash Landing – Imperial 27


Will it Fly!

I think this is probably one of the funniest things we have done with as little effort as possible.

I just saw some of the planes there, and some people brought in German Engineers to make some of them, and some spent thousands on their planes. I don’t know what they were thinking, but it wasn’t what we were thinking.

People may think the Imperial 27 plane is ugly or might not fly, but we will have a blast jumping off the 11 meter high ramp. I saw how high that ramp is, and it is a freaky looking from the top. I thought to hell with it, I’m jumping off after the pilot even if the water is really really cold.

We had fun through out this whole mess, and one thing is for sure if this thing flys it will have to defy gravity.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You said it right, definetly gravity should be out of the equation for that thing to fly ;) How long did it take you to make it? Take off the wings stick ’em to the pilot’s arms, and just shoot the guy upwards, give him more air time, I think that’ll be a better chance in flying against the german engineers ;D It sounds FUN though.
    PS: Don’t forget to jump ;P

  2. isn’t it too heavy?! :-s..

    Anyways, wish you good luck guys! Hope to see a full coverage sometime tomorrow in the end of the day or the day after tomorrow! ;-)

  3. Okay I’m not going to bring my cheerleading pom poms then ;p

  4. Good Luck :-) Will cheer up for you tomorrow :-D

  5. why do i have the feeling that this is not the actual “plane”

  6. I had a feeling it’s not the real thing when I saw it. if it flies it’ll be hilarious

  7. That is NOT the actual plane … i am not falling for this :p
    I mean you ordered parts from I don’t know where and you had Mark get you paint from I don’t know where else
    Therefore, I come to the conclusion that we are being punked

  8. this thing cant even reach the the end of the ramp!

  9. b it real or fake..? neither would fly :p

    ill b there to LAUGH as hard as i can ;)

  10. Oh yeah it will fly, Atright down and drown is where its going to fly :-) man please tell me that you are not seriouse ? :-D

  11. loool you’re kidding! Best of luck!

  12. I don’t think it’s going to fly so good luck!!

  13. Guess I have to go and see if it does fly

  14. I am sorry, its gonna crash with flying colors.. lol.. get it? Ok, now show us the real thing!

  15. Maryam: It took less then 48hours and only 27KD! We had a blast!

    Amjad: Not heavy AT ALL!!! Thanks!

    Jacqui: loool!

    Ansam: Thanks!

    Yazeed: It is! hahahaha

    EniGma: yup! It was more then hilarious!

    Laialy: It is! hahahaha!

    Ra7aLaH: We made it go further!

    Ms. D: Good good!

    G-Funk: Very serious! lol!

    eshda3wa: loool!

    SHAHD: hhahhaha

    N: nope, we are 100% serious!

    pearls: IT DID! lol

    TAT: you just have to!

    Shaymaa: loooool! It was the real thing!

    shoosha: always!

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