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Review: Denon 3930


I was looking at a lot of different upscaling products but I wanted one that could really produce true scaling quality. After looking around I purchased the Denon 3930 for 400 KD about 7 months back now.


After putting this machine through its paces I think this is a very high quality product from Denon. This Denon upscaler produced the sharpest picture I have seen from the upscaler that I was looking at using the test disc at the time. From my testing of all different types of video, movies, anime, tv series, and burned discs I have seen this quality reflected on all the different materials. The video quality seems more life like when watching all the different shows, you don’t realize how good it is until you go back to a normal dvd player and realize how bad it looks. The sound is also clearer and cleaner when played from the Denon, it feels for spatially defined from other players.


I have been very happy with the purchase since it has also improved the quality viewing of my anime, movies, and other video. With all the features this machine packs I think that whoever is looking for quality upscaling with all the necessary features to make it complete. Everything is great about this product, if only it was a little cheaper it would be the perfect product.

Link: Denon


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