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Infrant Expanded


This is an Infrant widget that has been customized to work with Yahoo Widgets and you can have multiple Infrants and you select which one you want to moniter. I call this one the Infrant Bunker since it belongs below in the Bunker. Right now I’m dumping all the TV Shows, Movies, and Anime that I have into it.

With it set at X-Raid its redundant and hot-swappable, each 1 TB drive gave 931 GB of actual space for a total of 3.724 TB available in total. When set at X-Raid some space is taken for redundancy and I am left with 2739 GB or 2.739 TB worth of space to work with and this is a lot of space that I am very happy with. Now to dump as much as possible into it, connect the Cat6 Cable with the Gigabit switch and just start streaming from it.

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