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Review: Heroic Age

Plot Summary: Answering the call of the “Gold Race”, all the sentient races launch into space. The human race is the last to launch, and are thus known as the “Iron Race”. Much time has passed since then, and humanity is threatened with extinction at the hands of the more dominant “Silver Race”. In order to save her people, Princess Deianeira sets out on a journey to a galaxy far away, following the prophecies of the Gold Race handed down by the royal family. Then, she meets a boy named Age. Their encounter will change the fate of the universe…

Age is of pure of heart and raised by the Gold Race, and he is a Nodos, a person holding a one of the Heroic Tribe inside of him. All of these Heroic tribes are extremely powerful and he is a champion of the Human Race, the Iron Tribe. There are a total of 5 Nodos and he is one of them, the other four Nodos serve the Silver Race who are hell bent on wiping out the Human Race. He meets Dhianeira and their fates take a turn, and it seems that Age has a bigger picture and depends on Dhianeira’s vision to move forward into the future. One hell of an anime which was one roller coaster after another, I couldn’t stop watching it.

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